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._Filenames stay open when Mac users access them

I noticed that when my Macintosh users open files on our 2003 server many files starting with ._ stay open even after they are closed.  

This even seems to prevent users from renaming folders and files.  What can I do to fix this? Or is this normal with a windows file share and a Macintosh clients?
2 Solutions
it's normal OSX build the resource with this file (._xxxx).

the ._ files are where osx puts the resource fork of a file if it's not on a HFS or HFS+ volume, eg, UFS, or Fat16/32 or NTFS (or any of the linux file systems) Only way to not have these on a non HFS file system is to not have resource forks, which isn't hard with files. they SHOULD be created without them. if you gives files a different application to open with than the system setting, or if images have a thumbnail of themselves as the icon, etc, that will require a resource fork.



I have the same problem with files on a Win2003 server.
When files are copied to the server share (SMB) a ._ file
is created. The ._ files often stay open after the copy has finished.
If there is a fix or work around it would be great.
These should go away when the user disconnects from the server gracefully.  You may want to create a script that severs the connections every night.

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