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Unattended installation of SP3a does not work


I am trying to install SP3a onto SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition using the unattend .iss file.

My sql server is installed on Windows Server 2003 build 3790.srv03_sp1_rtm.050321-2020 : Service Pack 1

I am copying the sql2kdef.iss file down locally then I execute the following at the command line:

setupsql.exe -s -f1 "c:\sql2kdef.iss" -sapwd <password>

However, after this process exits, I use query analyzer to run "SELECT @@VERSION" and it is still showing as 8.00.194 (the RTM version).  If I do a manual installation, the same query would return 8.00.760 (SP3).  

Why doesn't the unattend work?

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1 Solution
Hi ibost,

check the log file for errors:
ibostAuthor Commented:
Thanks mcmonap,

I checked sqlsp.log and couldn't make heads or tails of it.  

However, I think one problem was that the SA password was not set.  I thought the "-sapwd blah" was SETTING the password but that is actually if you want to run the unattended setup using SQL auth (incidentally i am windows mode... not mixed mode).  Later in the sp3readme it says if the SQL Server being upgraded has a blank sa password then one must be set prior to running unattended installation.  

I set it in QA with this, even tho I'm not in mixed mode:  exec sp_password NULL, 'blah', 'sa'

After setting the password I rebooted and retried the install like this:
setupsql.exe -s -f1 "c:\sql2kdef.iss"

Again it failed but now I get a new error in sqlsp.log.  What is the MSSearch and why do I have to upgrade it?  (And how?)

10:45:26 Begin: CheckSAPassword
10:45:26 Begin: LogOnUsingBlankSA
10:45:26 \\products\public\products\APPLIC~1\Server\SQL_SE~1\SP3a\x86\BINN\osql.exe  -Slpc:IBOST-VS2 -n -d master -o "C:\DOCUME~1\ibost\LOCALS~1\Temp\sqlsp.out" -Q"Exit(declare @ret int if (select count(*) from master..syslogins where name='sa' AND ( (1 = pwd
10:45:28 Process Exit Code: (0)
10:45:28 End: LogOnUsingBlankSA
10:45:28 WARNING : No Blank SA Pwd
10:45:28 End: CheckSAPassword
10:45:28 Begin: SdShowSp3WrngDlg
10:45:28 \\products\public\products\APPLIC~1\Server\SQL_SE~1\SP3a\x86\BINN\osql.exe  -Slpc:IBOST-VS2 -n -d master -o "C:\DOCUME~1\ibost\LOCALS~1\Temp\sqlsp.out" -Q"Exit(declare @ret int if (select count(*) from msdb.dbo.systargetservers) = 0 Set @ret=0 else Set @ret=403 Select @ret)"  -E
10:45:29 Process Exit Code: (0)
10:45:29 Error : MSSearch requires upgrade. User provided MSSearchUpgrade value caused Setup to abort.
10:45:29 Error : While detecting required SP3 warnings.
10:45:29 End Action DialogShowSdUpgrade
10:45:29 End: ShowDialogs()
10:45:29 Action CleanUpInstall:
10:45:29 Installation Failed.
ibostAuthor Commented:
Ok now I am trying again with manually going into sql2kdef.iss and setting UpgradeMSSearch to 1.
ibostAuthor Commented:
It worked.  Thanks for pointing me in the right direction... I was able to figure out what to do by looking at the setup log.

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