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Browser's Value

Hi! I would like to ask whats the default Timeout and Keep-Alive value for -

1) IE 6

2) Mozilla Firefox 1.0

3) Netscape 7.2

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1 Solution
The KeepAliveTimout value can be set by both the server and by the browser. The shorter of the two determines the time out. By default, Internet Explorer has a KeepAliveTimeout value of one minute and an additional limiting factor (ServerInfoTimeout) of two minutes. Either setting can cause Internet Explorer to reset the socket. In Firefox/Netscape it's called network.http.keep-alive.timeout and the default is 300 seconds.

Keep-Alive is designed to allow persistent connections. Multiple requests can be sent over the same TCP connection. This can be extremely advantageous when navigating pages with images. For example, a TCP connection is established between a browser and server for the initial request. After the browser receives the HTML source for the requested page, it can make subsequent requests for any images without establishing a new connection. The connection is only sustained for a certain number of seconds referred to as the KeepAliveTimeout. The server configuration determines whether or not to Keep-Alive will be used and the server-side value of KeepAliveTimout.

abokaAuthor Commented:
to lherrou -

hi! first whats 'limiting factor (ServerInfoTimeout) of two minutes'? and second don't we have a Timeout(the time a broser will wait for the Server to respond before 'error') value also? I am trying to create a browser myself and i would like to confirm all this value.

what about point 2 and point 3?

Let's see...

I don't know the answer about the closing of the socket due to the browser not receiving a timely response for the browsers involved. You could probably get an answer from someone who contributes to Firefox. http://www.mozilla.org/developer/

ServerInfoTimeout is a Microsoft term, and I am not sure what it does, although it sounds like the previous - a timeout due to the server not responding with information...

2 and 3 are answered in my first paragraph...


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