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My neighbor approached me with a computer problem. He has windows 2000 installed and evidently does not have any of the original CD's or knows anything about its origin other than he picked it up in a rummage sale.
Anyway, it asks for administrator password whenever he tries to load a program or make any changes. I hvae seen a few things on here about that problem but I am really unclear on the solution.
Can I add another user with admin rights? Can I change or elimiate the password without destroying his setup? He does not have the OS cd. He cannot access users and groups either and can only log in as a guest I am assuming.
Thanks for the help!
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This link should help you out let me know


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This might have been mentioned in the above article, but the CD or floppy here has really worked well for me:
Rob StoneCommented:
Just to add to this, if he doesn't have admin rights then he can't add a new admin or change the admin password within windows. If he is an admin, then try right clicking My Computer and select Manage.  From there try Local Users and Groups. You can then right click on adminstator and change the password there.

Otherwise its one of the above tools. I've only used the 2nd one and if you do use it make sure you put an * when changing the password and also make sure you save it. Also its not 100% guarenteed to work and might mess up the system but you won't have a choice so do a backup of data first.
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