Stylesheet.css File Syntax - Modify Image Hover Style - #ID IMG:HOVER ?

I'm trying to change the 'hover' background color of the table cell inside which is the photo.  At the same time, I don't want to affect the 'hover' background color of the title text which is below the photo.   It is quite possible that I only need a lesson on stylesheet file syntax.  I've looked at W3 but didn't find readily.  Precise links referencing my issue might  be all I need.

I have isolated the style identifiers as follows -

     CLASS           =  leftboxcontent
     ID                 =  featured-content
     HTML TAGS   =   "a"    and     "img"

The stylesheet includes the following settings. (see below)  These provide the CORRECT photo hover effect, but they also affect the title text hover color which I don't want --

            #featured-content   a:hover  {
            background-color:   #000000;
I've tried using the "img" tag but it does not work.   If I could use the "img" tag, that would probably solve the problem because it would just the image and not the entire anchor link referenced by "a:hover".  The stylesheet syntax I tried was the following  which does not work  --
              #featured-content   img:hover {  ...  }

I would appreciate any ideas.  Thank you.

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Here is the HTML code as seen from Firefox, "View Selection Source"  (extra spacing added for clarity)  --

[ **  CODE  ** ]
       <td colspan="3"        class="leftboxcontent"         id="featured-content">

       <div   align="center">

       <a   href="">
       <img    src="images/House%206.jpg"   alt="Photo1 - the photo"   title="Photo1"   border="0" height="75" width="100">

       <a     href="">Photo For Sale</a><br>$100.00</div>    
[ **  CODE  ** ]

  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -

Here is the relevant  "stylesheet.css"  settings--

[ **  CODE  ** ]
.leftboxcontent {
        background-color:      #000000;
        background:               #000000;
.leftboxcontent  a  {
        color:                #FDD766;
        font-size:           11px;
        font-weight:       bold;
        text-decoration:  none;
        line-height:            15px;
        display:             block;
        text-indent:       15px;
.leftboxcontent   a:hover  {
        color:                   #403D30;
        background-color: #FDD766;
        font-size:              11px;
        font-weight:          bold;
        text-decoration:     none;
        line-height:          15px;
        display:                block;
        text-indent:           15px;
.leftboxcontent input  {
        color:                   #403D30;
        background-color: #FDF1AF;
        font-size:             9px;
        font-weight:        bold;
        text-decoration:   none;
        line-height:         9px;
        display:              block;
        text-indent:         0px;
.leftboxcontent  input:hover  {
        color:               #403D30;
        background-color: #F3C94C;
        font-size:              9px;
        font-weight:          bold;
        text-decoration:     none;
        line-height:           9px;
        display:                   block;
        text-indent:            0px;
#featured-content   a:hover  {           /*  FEATURED - CONTENT  */
        background-color:   #000000;
[ **  CODE  ** ]

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You could always do:

.no_hover {

   background-color: #yournormalcolor;


and then:

 <a     href="" class="no_hover">Photo For Sale</a><br>$100.00</div>    

Although as it sounds like you want two different content styles, why not instead of applying the class to the <td> apply it to the div, and have one div for the photo, and one div for the link?

You should be able to use #featured-content:image:hover {  .... but it won't work on all browsers (e.g IE). Firefox will be quite happy with it though.

Hope that helps.

Jerry LAuthor Commented:
I found a website that provides tutorials for Stylesheets and other html issues.

Beginning CSS Tutorial

Advanced CSS Tutorial
Jerry LAuthor Commented:
I provided my own solution as posted in the last comment.
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