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Unfornuately my LAN is going to be assimulated into a MS Network one of these days in stages.  I would like this assimulation to be a painless as possible for me and my users.  I am trying to be proactive in my approach, and was looking into the idea of removing the Netware Client and being able to login to the network with the Netware Client as advertised by Novell.  Now I can't seem to find that information anywhere with the exception of NAFP/CIFS with only gives this capability (from what I can see) by workstation only.  Is this direction that I would need to go in?  Can you use a login script with NAFP/CISF so all workstations would get the same mappings?  What about Zenworks for Desktops, does this move take away the ability to push down applications to the workstations because we would be using the workstation manager and nal?

Any info or direction appreciated.
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Sorry to hear your organization is starting down a path that will double or even triple its IT costs, yet deliver no additional services. Doesn't sound like you have much control over it, or that you're very happy. I feel for ya.

Yes, NFAP/CIFS is the way you can get Novell Client 32 off of the clients yet still be using NetWare. The clients will think the servers are Windoze CIFS servers, just without the BSODs. You didn't specify what version of NetWare you have, so I'm going to assume you have the latest, NetWare v6.5 SP3. If you have something earlier, well, you need to say that. NFAP was introduced with NetWare v6.0, but was back-ported to NetWare v5.1.

Moving to an NFAP environment will also change your password management - users will login with their "Simple Password", as opposed to their eDirectory password (both are stored in eDirectory, tho). Be sure to read up on the NFAP password management.

Note that as of NetWare v6.5 SP2, the NetWare server can also function as a Windoze DC. Engineer this right, and you might be able to keep NetWare. Just configure everything to *look* like Windoze. The Windoze guys will wonder how you manage to have such great uptime.

Modern ZENworks agents do not require Novell Client 32 to deliver most of the ZEN functionality, so you don't necessarily have to give up ZEN for the pathetic ZAW/SMS. Again, it depends on what VERSION of ZENworks you have.

Novell maintains an extensive library of online documentation at -->  I'd point you to specific references for NFAP, ZENworks and NetWare, but without knowing your versions, I can't get that specific.
clpeaseAuthor Commented:
My environment is Netware 6.0 SP5 and ZFD 3.2 SP3
OK, start with the NFAP documentation ( or the PDF is at, paying particular attention to the install/configure section ( and also the Windoze management section ( Note that my caveat concerning Simple Passwords does not apply if the workstations are part of a Domain.

Any chance of being to upgrade to NetWare v6.5? With SP2, it can be act like a Windoze DC. Perhaps you could sell the upgrade to the idiot...excuse me, management layer... forcing this decision on you, using that ability as a selling point. Tell 'em it'll "ease the transition for the users". They were stupid enuf to fall for the M$ sales rep, so getting them to go for this may not be a stretch.

ZfD v3.2 is, unfortunately for you, reliant on Novell Client 32 for its underlying functionality. So, unless you upgrade to ZfD v6.5 (which is a viable strategy, given than the ZEN server-side agents run fine on Windoze servers), you're going to lose the ZEN functionality the minute you remove Client 32.

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