Program to re order images in windows folder

I have been given about 350 pics that come from different CDs taken from different digital cameras.  Of course when consolidated onto one CD or Folder, they do not display in the order the user wishes them to according to when they were taken.  The user doesnt understand that files will sort and display according to their filename in alphanumeric order.  This is good reason to always name the file by its DateTime.  However now Im stuck with renaming all of these files individually so that they sort the way the user wants them.  

Does anyone know of a free program that will help me accomplish this?
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Hi  BillPowell,

This freeware will rename according to date:

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I use both Bulk Rename Utility ( and Flash Renamer ( Either one of these would easily handle your requirements, Bulk Rename Utility probably would be the best fit: simply navigate to the directory with the image files, sort by date, select a group with the same date, and append the date to the beginning of the existing name (or replace/modify the name, and append the date). Just remember to use a leading zero ("0") on months so that it doesn't sort Nov (11/) before Feb. (02/ vs 2/).

Good luck!
Dd, that's a great one, hadn't seen that before! I've already d/l-ed it myself
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BillPowellAuthor Commented:
The only problem with this is that the created, and modified dates are the same values, so sorting by date gets me nowhere.
What I really need I guess is to have a thumbnail view of all the photos, the ability to drag then around into different orders and then rename them according to the order Ive placed them.
That makes this significantly harder Ill bet?
Daydream's suggested tool will look up the date when the photo was taken, if it's still embedded in the EXIF data in the file itself, so it doesn't matter if the file date that WinDoze shows is from when the CD was made, or whatever.

Photo Album software, often included for free with a digital camera (or look at Picasa,, and it's free) is generally pretty good at this.
BillPowellAuthor Commented:
Many thanks guys.  Ive downloaded Stamp and it seems to work well.  Unfortunately, over half of the pictures seem to be missing valid metadata.  Im guessing they either forgot to set the camera clock or its an invalid format of some kind.
Im sure this tool will come in handy in the future though! :0)
> Dd, that's a great one..

Thanks, it does seem handy!

BillPowell, sorry that it did not solve all your problems. I agree with lherrou that photo album software may be helpful. This looks promising to "visually organize" your images:

" Photo Explorer lets you visually organize.." Then you could use something like Irfanview, which is freeware ( to batch rename in the order you chose.(File>batch rename)

Good luck and thanks for the "A"!


 You could also create a .bat file from a notepad document, similar to this...

rename file1.jpg FILEa.jpg
rename file2.jpg FILEb.jpg
rename file3.jpg FILEc.jpg
rename file4.jpg FILEd.jpg
rename file5.jpg FILEe.jpg

This example renames files    *.jpg  to FILE*.jpg

Just be sure to save as a .bat file
and initialize the .bat file in the same directory as the files you need to rename.

Good Luck,
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