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I have a laptop with OS Windows ME. I bought a linksys kit (router-WRK54G and wireless card-WPC54g). I've tried installing these equip with Linksys Techinic Support but they can make it works properly. I've spent 5 days and no resoults. Does some one can help me install it? thank you
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What is the model number of the ROUTER (I think that WRK54G is the model of the entire kit)?  What have you tried and what were the results?  What type of internet connection do you have?

You need to start by installing just the router with a WIRED connection, and configuring it to the point where it is working and you can access the internet.  At this time, reset to all factory defaults, and turn encription off.

Once the router is working with a wired connection, it's time to try and get it working wirlessly.  Install the software, and install the card.  Hopefully, you will have every indication from the computer that the card is installed and working (although you may not have actual connectivity).  You then need to go into "Network Neighborhood" or "My Network Places" and insure that the card shows up as a network card, and is "bound" to TCP/IP.  If the computer also has a wired card, it should be disabled (at least temporarily) in device manager.  The wireless card TCP/IP properties should be set for DHCP (get IP address from host).  Reset the computer and normally I would hope that you would be online, but I suspect not.  You need to make sure that, for now, the card is set for encryption (WEP or WAP) turned off, set to the same channel as the router, and also that the SSID's match exactly.  At that point, you should be able to establish a connection.  Try that and get back to us.
SEEQUEST_MEAuthor Commented:
Hi Watzman
My wireless now is working fine. The only problem is every time that I try to eneable the security mode I loose the conection and I need to start over again the instalation.

Glad to hear that.  Getting to where you are now is step 1.  Getting encryption turned on is a bitch and is beyond the ability of most people.  However, it's easier with Linksys than with some other brands, and easier because you have all Linksys components.

You will have to get into the Linksys configuration pages for the wireless access point portion of the router.  I have a separate access point and router, you have a single combined unit, and the setup is different.  There is a URL that you put into your web browser to get to this, and there may be two (one for the router part and one for the Wireless Access Point part), or they be combined into a single address.  On my router, it's, and on my access point, it's  Yours are probably different.  This infrormation will be in the manual.

Once you get there, pay attention to what you do, because it will prevent the connection from working until you have made matching settings on both the wireless router and the PC card in the laptop.

In the wireless part of the router's configuration, Find the SSID (system name) and change it.  Doesn't matter what you change it to, but you don't want it to be the default (probably "Linksys") for security reasons.  You do -- you MUST -- make a record of what you change it to.

In the encryption part, select 128 bit WEP (this may be two separate settings).  You will have to enter or create an encryption key.  With linksys, they allow you to do this by entering a plain text passprhase -- anything you want, but write it down, along with the SSID (by the way, the passphrase is case-sensitive).  The passphrase will generate an encryption key -- a horrendously long string (26 characters) of numbers and some letters (a thru f only).  Write down the actual keys as well as the passphrase (yes, it's a real pain in the butt).  The case of the letters in the key is not sensitive (a and A are the same here).  Save and exit.

One the notebook, go into the wireless card configuration stuff, and if you see a checkbox called "Let Windows manage my wireless connection" or something like that (that is NOT the exact wording), UNCHECK it.  You want to get to the Linksys software that initializes the card, which should have been installed when you installed the CD that came with the card.

Once there, you will have to do two things:  Change the SSID of the laptop card to match the router, and enter the encryption keys.  Again, you should be able to do this by entering the same passphrase on the notebook that you entered on the router, but check that it generates the same 26 character key (it should, if you enter it right).  Save everything, and you should be done, the wireless connection should still work, but it will now be encrypted, which is important for security purposes.

Two more changes are desireable if you get this far:  "Disable sending SSID", if the system will work without sending it (some systems will, some won't), and change from WEP encryption to WPA encryption, which is more secure.

I really recommend that you make the effort to get encryption turned on.  It's really unsafe to operate without any encryption at all.


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