IMAP on outlook: using two computers. Can Outlook be used as a true IMAP mail program?

hi experts.

my situation:  i have a (very) small business with one employee.  we get 300 emails per day andi want him to answer some of my emails for me (the "easy" emails that require only canned (template) responses.)

i use outlook 2002, which is nice because when i do answer with canned responses, i can use the macros for greater speed and efficiency on replies.  there are 9 common questions we have canned responses for.

now, i have my employee using Mozilla Thunderbird IMAP email, that way, he plucks them from the server and i never see them.

but, a drawback of having him using Mozilla Thunderbird is their software doesn't allow for macros.  to answer the common questions, he has to open nine text files and copy and paste, copy and paste, copy and paste......etc, etc.  it's driving him nuts.

can outlook be setup on my employees's machine to operate like a true IMAP web the messages will stay on the server and not be downloaded every time he starts it up?

if yes, how?

thanks much!

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Aland CoonsConnect With a Mentor Systems EngineerCommented:
Outlook can be configured to leave messages on server.  It can also be configured to delete messages from server when deleted from the recycle bin. Would those settings help?

Could you please describe what you mean by "true IMAP web program".
keyfobsAuthor Commented:
i think i just saw a tumbleweed roll by.    

now i'm hearing crickets.

keyfobsAuthor Commented:
got it figured out. thanks.  i just use mozilla thunderbird on both machines now. it seems to support imap easier.
thanks. you get the 'cherry pick' points!
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