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Logs indicating disk failure

I run Win 2000 SP4. I rarely check the logs, but when I did yesterday, I found the system log FULL of warnings with source "disk". The warnings are massive, and they appear every day (or almost). Some times it's a group of 3-4, other times is 20! All identical with

source: disk
user: n/a
event: 51
desc: An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk2\DR6 during a paging operation.

Always the same.
Am I in trouble?

1 Solution
piouAuthor Commented:
Forgot: It's an Athlon XP with 2 IDE HDDs.

Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
I'd run a chkdsk on all drives and reboot.  Do a complete backup first if you can.
Because you're running SP4, this may not be indicating that you're drive's dying (at the best of times this can be a vague error,.. people argue it could be hardware could be software)...

...but like I was saying, Microsoft have acknowledged this problem on Win2k SP4,.. check out the following link which may very well apply to you:


This link here has a bunch of people with the same issues (where I found the MS link, amongst other things):


Hope these do help you out... fingers crossed it's nothing too dramatic like a hardware fault, but it couldn't hurt to prepare for the worst, just in case!

What company is ur hard disk? Depending on that get the utility to diagnose the hard disk and then see if it reports any errors. If it does then the hard disk is failing and needs tobe replaced. Backup ur data and get a new hard disk or a replacemnt in warranty if applicable.


The logs in itself are not a major thing to be concerned abt as herbus indicated that its a known MS issue. You can also try increasing the size of the swap file and see if that helps too.

piouAuthor Commented:
I think I have to go with herbus. All disk diagnostics pass ok, but I don't trust them anyway because some of my disks in the past have passed them even when they where obviously malfuctioning! The MS KB describes exactly what's going on, and I guess I'll have to get that hotfix... Thanks all.

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