Should I install FTP on IIS 6.0?


I have a Windows 2003 IIS 6.0 Web server.  I am thinking of allowing customers to be able to FTP into their own Web site and transfer files.  

What kind of security threats are involved?  
Are their safer alternatives to FTP that would allow a customer to update Web files?  
What are some common support issues that are dealt with?

Thanks in advance.
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ftp is a common access technique.

best practice is to make sure that each user logs in under their own credentials, and use those same credentials as the IIS anonymous user for their web site and content.  be explicit with permissions for that user to only have write access to their own web folders, and no rights to other user data.

this will effectively sandbox all web sites.


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also, here is a previous discussion on a similar subject:

and with win2k3, you can set the ftp service to automtaocally isolate users to the subdirectory which is useful additional security.


i hate FTP

i think SFTP is a better way, and it is "secure"
with FTP its easy to sniff in a wireless network, or behind a switch with rooter Spoofing.
The password is sent in cleartext.

in SFTP it is secured with TLS/ SSL

mfg maZe
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Do include a virus check soon after the upload. If a virus is found may be you can quarantine the file and send the user an email regarding the virus.

>> i think SFTP is a better way, and it is "secure"

that may be true, but IIS does not support sftp at version 6.  IIS7 maybe, but we will not know until it is released.

yes.. but why do you need the service run on IIS?

mfg WebSpecials
>> yes.. but why do you need the service run on IIS?

umm, because this topic area is "Web Servers - IIS"?  and therefore i think that it is safe to assume that we are dealing with an IIS question here.

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