Event ID 9665 with Exchange 2003 Enterprise

Ok I'm at my wits end trying to resolve this problem of event id 9665 and Exchange 2003 Enterprise:
The memory settings for this server are not optimal for Exchange.

 For more information, click http://support.microsoft.com?kbid=815372

For more information, see Help and Support Center at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/events.asp.
I've followed the KB 815372 to the letter and performed the following:

 added /3GB and /USERVA=3030 to the Boot.ini (KBs 266096 and 810371)

 Modified "heapDecommitFreeBlockThreshhold" reg key to 0x00040000 (kb 315407)

 Modified the ESE buffer size to several different values, ending with the max 307200

 Increased and decreased the Pagefile from default to various sizes up to 12G split on 2 drives

The specs on the server are high-end : Dual P4 3G Intels, 4G RAM, Windows 2003 Enterprise OS (all current Windows Updates except Server 2003 SP1), Exchange 2003 Enterprise SP1. This server is a member server and not a DC in the domain.

I've been beating my head against the wall for nearly 2 weeks now ... can anyone else offer any suggestions before I call this one into Microsoft?  Do I *really* need to worry about this message?  One of the first options in the KB article instructs how to turn off the check, but I didn't put 4G of RAM into this box for it to sit and rot ... and I'd rather not ignore this for it to come back and bite me down the road.

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Maybe test your motherboard and memory (sandra sisoft) "http://www.3bsoftware.com/downloads/sandra.html"
If you use only 1 Giga Ram (for exemple) Do you have the same error ?
What is your Server ? Do you have checked with Tool of manufactury your system ?

Good luck !

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avatechAuthor Commented:
I will give those tool a shot.  The system is a brand spanking new Dell 2850 raack server.  I've run the Dell diags on the server with nothing out of the ordinary there.  I've just now begun physical troubleshooting and testing it now with only 1G in the server now after reversing all of the KB options I've done already.  My next step was to run the linux memtest from CD that I have here as well but I'll try Sandra first since that hits motherboard as well.  This will be a real comedy fest if it turns out to be hardware ...
Dell 2850 excellent. If your call to support Dell Maybe you have answer ? Monday i look your problem !
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avatechAuthor Commented:
Actually it looks like reseating the RAM fixed the issue.  Since you pointed me to the hardware side I'll award you the points because it was certainly related.  After I pulled out all of the RAM and seated a single 1G stick and booted it, no errors in event log.  I shut the server down again, placed in the second stick to get to 2G, booted and no errors in event log.  Also did the same for the third and fourth sticks, low and behold ... no errors!  Weird, certainly!  And for anyone else having this error, I know that everyone has been pointing to article 81537.  I also highly suggest looking at this link as well as it goes over the step-by-step in the planning phase.


all ready undertand "http://support.microsoft.com?kbid=815372"

i had a similar problem recently with a dell server

out of interest, did you turn of the "OS Install Mode" in the BIOS?

reseating the RAM may have somehow done that for you, but i wondered if maybe you had done that yourself

OS Install Mode limits RAM to 256MB, which causes all kinds of problems for exchange
avatechAuthor Commented:
Haven't seen that option in the BIOS myself but I'll take a look.  I also did the OS myself ... don't trust Dell enough to use a pre-install os image for my Exchange server.
it came preinstalled, but i wiped it for new partition assignment anyway

you would assume if it is preinstalled and working that they would have set the OS Install Mode to off

but no, people like me who dont like documentation or calling india for help are just stuffed

thanks dell, love your work
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