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I have a Windows 2003 sever which is a member of my domain. I'll call it my firewall server.

There is only 1 domain controller on the network and it runs Active Directory. I'll call this the Domain Controller.

On the firewall server, in Services, under any of the services, under the Properties, and then Logon Tab, I want to use the Browse button to select to log on as Administrator from the Domain Controller which runs Active Directory.

However, when I click that Browse button, all I get is choices from that server that I am on. There is no directory under it. So it's only looking at the local accounts. I can't get out to the rest of the servers/computers on the network.

I have another server, also Windows 2003, set up in much the same fashion, and it does get the directory to choose from.

I really need this as I need to sync the users from AD with the firewall software I have on this server. Any help would be really appreciated. I'm sure I'm just overlooking some other service or something. I also tried this on an individual file on the machine. I went in to the properties of the file, and then to Security and tried to Add. Again, I could only get choices from the local machine.

Thanks a bunch, anyone who could help.

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simonenticottConnect With a Mentor Commented:

you can't rejoin the domain as such if you are already in it, but you can remove yourself from the domain, wait 15 minutes the add yourself in again, its a similar process to what i mentioned above -

Right click My Compuer, Properties, Comuter Name, click change and add yourself in a workgroup (give it any name you like it doesn't matter), reboot, wait 15mins for the domain controller to sort itself then put yourself back in to the domain.

One thought occured to me, on the firewall machine when you logon, are you logging on to the domain or to the local machine ?  If its the latter you wont be authenticated to the domain.  
If you are unsure just logoff, then, on the logon screen it should be asking for 3 bits of info - name, password, and what to logon to, (if the third option isn't showing click on the options button and the third box should appear).  In the third box you need to have the name of the domain and not the name of the actual server you are on and you need to logon using an account thats on the domain (probably administrator).

hope that makes sense, i'm at home so working from memory

is your firewall server joined to your domain ?  
If not its probably not authenticating and so cant get access to Active Directory, try adding it to the domain.

i'm sure you know this already, but just for completeness -
to add to domain - Right click My Compuer, Properties, Comuter Name, click change adn follow prompts  (it ay be slightly different as i dont have a 2003 server to test i on right now).

Another thought - you could also try just typing in the administrators credentials rather than browsing for them, there are two formats you could use -


substituting the word domain for your real domain name.  If it doesn't work then you definitely have an authentication issue.

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defiantclass1Author Commented:
Yes, I believe I do have an authentication problem. And I'm really stumped as to why. I did join it to the domain, along with the rest of my machines. (I created the new domain yesterday). But this machine was the first one I joined.

I can go through windows explorer and see and access any and all machines. I can't access them via a directory, like when using the Security tab or in Services. And once again, the other 2003 server does access in this way just fine.

Let me ask you this, what are the implications of attempting to "rejoin" the domain? If I went in to My Computer>>Properties>>Network ID>>Change>>and just try to join it as if I hadn't done so before (even though I did and the domain name is alreay in there)?

Or could it maybe a DNS thing?

Thanks a bunch for responding.
May be your firewall have access lists preventing communication to the domain controller?
defiantclass1Author Commented:
Okay, thanks. I'm good to go now. Guess I had to rejoin. Not sure what happened.

Thanks again
glad it worked :)
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