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Computer reboots at startup

Posted on 2005-04-02
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-05
My computer has recently begun to reboot during startup.  It loads the desktop but restarts as it begins loading startup items.  Before reloading there is a blue screen with an error message but it disappears to fast to read.  After numerous tries it will start and run stabily.  It always starts in safe mode.

Steps I’ve taken to resolve the problem: (None of which helped)
1.      Exchanged 400w power supply with new 500w.
2.      Tested ram with MEMTEST86 (passed all tests)
3.      Swapped AGP ASUS GeForce2 MMX400 64Mb video card with PCI S3 SAVAGE IX

OS      WIN2000 Pro sp4
CPU      INTEL 2.4 Mhz
BIOS      AWARD V6.0
RAM      DDR333 PC2700  512 Mb  NON-EEC Micron single chip
DVD      Creative Labs DVD-ROM DVD1241E
CD-RW      Atapi CD-RW 32/12/40X
HDD      Maxtor 20 Gig
HDD      Western Digital 20 Gig
DSL      Verizon DSL

Here are the errors that are showing up on the event manager:
Error      rasctrs      2001
Error      PerfNet      2002
Error      PerfNet      2004
Error      PerfDisk      1000

Error      DCOM  10010       system
Error       Service Control Manager      7001
Error       Service Control Manager      7026
Error      Dhcp            1002
Question by:padre01
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Expert Comment

ID: 13690079
Works in safe mode but not normal mode.  May be some form of startup program or driver that's causing your system to crash... I would try updating drivers for all your devices.. audio, video and mainboard.  Give that a shot frst.

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Expert Comment

ID: 13690540
Error     rasctrs     2001   http://support.microsoft.com/?id=811089
Error     PerfNet     2002  http://www.eventid.net/display.asp?eventid=2002&eventno=648&source=PerfNet&phase=1
Error     PerfNet     2004  http://www.eventid.net/display.asp?eventid=2004&eventno=646&source=PerfNet&phase=1
Error     PerfDisk     1000  http://www.eventid.net/display.asp?eventid=1000&eventno=1170&source=PerfDisk&phase=1

Error     DCOM  10010      system  http://www.eventid.net/display.asp?eventid=10010&eventno=508&source=DCOM&phase=1
Error      Service Control Manager     7001  http://www.eventid.net/display.asp?eventid=7001&eventno=109&source=Service%20Control%20Manager&phase=1
Error      Service Control Manager     7026  http://www.eventid.net/display.asp?eventid=7026&eventno=452&source=Service%20Control%20Manager&phase=1
Error     Dhcp          1002  http://www.eventid.net/display.asp?eventid=1002&eventno=1778&source=Dhcp&phase=1

there are somekind of problems initialising your internet connection:
you can't get an ip leasing ,there are some processes which avoide to start and your pc tries to act like a server-are you aware of this fact?
do you use your desktop pc as webserver /fileserver?
Why are the performance counters enabled on your system?

If you can access the desktop under safe mode try to make all scans with updated antivirus software like:Antivir personal edition,AVG
scan for spyware and troyans! :stinger,spysweeper,spybot S&D,ad-aware,winpatrol,
pestpatrol:http://www.majorgeeks.com/download1187.html - but please update it
i'm not sure but i think your system will crash down even if you enable the internet access under safe mode,,,
try also with msconfig todisable all NON microsoft processes and all startup entries and check out for changes,,,
if you use a net card swap it with another goodworking one,,,
make a simple resume about your internet connection:type of net access device,driver installation update,internet connection settings,do you even use dhcp ?
disable also netbios over tcp/ip in your net setting,do you use any kind of desktop firewall?


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Accepted Solution

nobus earned 375 total points
ID: 13690867
go to device manager, advanced tab, and uncheck the restart automatically  ; this will allow you to read the bluescreen, which can give you info about what is wrong.
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Author Comment

ID: 13693954
Thank you for all the resources - I have read all but am not sure I understand them.  I do not know why I have proformance counters enabled.  My system is not used as a server, though I do have a wireless LYNKSYS router attached and use it so my other computer can use my dsl and printer sharing.  My system does not crash when I start in Safe mode with internet access. I do not know what dhcp is and dont think I use it.  I use tcp/ip but not netbios. I use Norton's Internet Security firewall. I have disabled all unnecessary startup items using Startup Mechanic 2.2.  I use SpyBot S&D and it says I have no praisites, spyware, or adware.  My system is virus free using up to date Norton's AntiVirus software..

Author Comment

ID: 13693975
Taking your advice I unchecked automatic restart and reeived this error message:
stop: 0x00000000, 0x00000002, 0x00000001, 0x8042b088
IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL address 8042b088 base at 804200000 date stamp 41773335 - ntoskrnl.exe
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Assisted Solution

mwnnj earned 375 total points
ID: 13694427
hi padre01,

i asked you about theese issues cuz there are very trojans which act like application server and i thought you have on your system somekind of malicious software which had damaged your system,your OS ,,,let's suppose there is no kind of other system stress but hardware issues and the only trick is to make a better configration of the system,,,
here is a little intro regarding the performance counters:
just the most importaint which stays in the artical:
Performance counters can monitor system components such as processors, memory, and network I/O.
If you use performance counters in your application, they can publish performance-related data to compare them against acceptable criteria.
in readable speech the application motherboard monitor 5 uses also performance counters and it gives information regarding your cpu speed and temparature;the tool" memory boost professional" uses also performance counters and can reduce the used RAM when the values become more than average,,,so there is somekind of application  installed on your system that uses performance counters but it makes system to crash.
What kind of hardware monitoring programs do you have?You said you use the norton's suite,this could be also the problem ,a firewall can also use performance counters like network I/O counters,i don't mean uninstall the norton's software cuz it makes your system to crash,but this could be also an issue.You can just try to uninstall them take the dsl cable out of its card socket and try to boot your system in normal mode if you can succeed in it ,then you can use other firewall and antivirus software like:for firewall :zone alarm,sysgate;for antiviral program :Antivir personal edition or AVG,but let us choose this option for the last,,,
What does DHCP mean?
so what does it mean in plain text: you have a printer ,pc1 and pc2 and a dsl connection ,theese three machines have all their static ip adresses in you LAN(local area network) and even if you are not in internet you can gain access on them ,the static ip is an ip adress which doesn't change in time something like : or or,so you can establisch your lan connection to every singe connected machine without a problem in your LAN,but when you want to access the internet it will be dull to use a kind of static ip adress for it;first of all it's not secure and second there will be need to make so much static ip adresses that we will go out of range with only this xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx art of ips.
So i think you use DHCP and that's for sure .you said you have a Linksys router,could you give us more info regarding your(i suppose) wireless router:model ,software installation,what was your configuration :wep,wpa;could you use internet and lan before the restarting issues,i mean when does it happen that your pc started to make this sudden restarts?

also acces your system under safe mode and administrator account and make a brand new account from the administarator group and see if you will experience the same problems under this new account,,,,

what about your pci cards ,how much pci cards do you have installed on your system and how much free pci slots do you have?
the first pci slot must be free,cuz it shares with the agp,supposing you use your pci video card ,then you could use the 1.st pci slot.

About the netbios over tcp/ip see this articles:

so,,,so much words-nothing is said:)
take away your linksys only for some tests and let your pc access the internet not through the linksys router bout direct to your dsl case and see if you can work without any problems with your pc unter the old account and the new one which you will made for the tests,and comment your results here,,,

good luck!

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Expert Comment

ID: 13695477
the blue screen syas you have an ntoskernel issue. Some troubleshoot it by disconnecting / disabling as many devices as they can. It is not a specific error. Here a description :     http://kadaitcha.cx/stop_err.html

maybe these can help :


You can also try a repair install :

or try running sfc /scannow from the run box

Author Comment

ID: 13702173
Thanks to all.  This has been an incredible learning experience, particularly in the area learning what tools are available in win2k that I did not previously know about.  I believe my startup problem is corrected.  Using the win2k program; verifier, [which I did not previously know existed] I discovered that the driver causing my problems was winpoet, a program/driver required by verizon for DSL internet connection. When I connected the router to my computer, winpoet became redundant, and was causing my computer to randomly shut down and restart during startup.  I uninstalled winpoet, and everything seems to be working correctly.  Because the initial problem was random,. I will watch it for a couple of days, but at this point, I do not expect the issue to reoccur.  If within the next 48 hours the problem does not reoccur. I would like to split the 250 points.equally between mwnni and nobus; each of whom provided a considerable amount of information that ultimately led me to find a solution through following other links within the links they suggested.  A million thank yous for your assistance ~padre01 [Bob]

Author Comment

ID: 13709454
I gave half the points to nobus [125].  I would like to give the balance [125 points] to mwnnj but the point awarding box has disappeared.  Please tell me how I can allot mwnnj the points he deserves. ~padre01 [Bob]
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Expert Comment

ID: 13709996
Hi padre01,
thanks for your very feedback and i'm glad you've solved your problem ,not only you 've learned something new!
Don't worry about the points,cuz i 've received those,don't know what the mistake was,but actually i got the whole points you graded me!
Nice time !

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