Need to install a IDE Hard drive on a Machine with SATA on motherboard and IDE for CDROM


I have just purchased a new Dell 8400 machine that came with single SATA 80GB HD. I have also a DVD burner and DVD drive hooked on IDE channel on motherboard. I recently purchased a IDE 80Gig hard drive that i want to install as backup but I only have one IDE connector on Motherboard  from which both connectors from cable are hooked to DVD burner and DVD Driver. My IDE only has IDE connection.

Is there a way i can install that drive as backup inside.

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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Three options:

1. Make this external with a USB or Firewire enclosure and, if necessary, a Firewire card.
2. Make the drive an External SATA drive - there are PATA/IDE to SATA converters, you would get one, as well as a few parts to run the SATA cable outside the case and plug in the hard drive (I've never done this, but I see the parts for sale at MicroCenter frequently).
3.  Get an UltraATA controller for the system.  Connect the drive internally to that.
4.  Get JUST the PATA/IDE to SATA adapter and install the drive as an internal drive.
(options 3 and 4 assume there is enough internal space available to mount the drive; option 3 assumes you have a free PCI slot).

Overall, expect to spend another $40-$80 to get the drive working in the system, assuming you don't want to remove one of the optical drives.

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Sure, you can buy a PCI IDE controller card that will give you (typically) 2 more IDE channels (4 devices).  Leave the optical drives (CD/DVD) on the motherboard IDE port and put the hard drive on the PCI card.  Promise is the primary maker of these, but others make them also.  Should be cheap ($10 to $30) on E-Bay.  Just be sure it's a straight IDE controller and not a RAID controller (in a few cases, the ONLY difference between a Straight IDE controller and a Raid controller is the firmware!!).

As lee also pointed out, you could also do this externally via USB in an external USB case (USB, or Firewire also).
>>   I have also a DVD burner and DVD drive hooked on IDE channel on motherboard   <<  The simplest is dumping one of thes, and connecting the drive to the free connector.
compstudentAuthor Commented:
thanks leew. Was out of town for last few days. Made it an external USB. Works great.
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