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Steps to connect to a device on a Static IP connection

Posted on 2005-04-03
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-03-17
I have set up numerous home & office networks that use dynamic IPs to allow multiple PCs to connect to the internet through a router (using DHCP).

Now I need to use a broadband connection and a Static IP so that a security system and an entertainment server in a home can each be reached for maintenance purposes by a unique IP address, and the PCs in the house which don't need to be reached from outside can access the internet as they would on a dynamic IP.

Can someone explain what the best way to accomplish this is?

Should  I order three static IPs, one for the security system, one for entertainment system and one for DHCP router?  How do I set up routers from Dlink (or Netgear or Linksys) to distribute the specific IP addresses to the 2 devices and use the 3rd IP for DHCP?

If I don't need 3 static IPs, can a typical router use 1 static IP and assign internal IPs to the 2 devices and how can I log into the device once I assign it an internal IP address?

Can anyone suggest links to sites that explain this process?

Thanks for your help?
Question by:gzembow
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Assisted Solution

by:Lee W, MVP
Lee W, MVP earned 300 total points
ID: 13694526
I'd just get one static address and configure the router to foward the necessary ports for each system.
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Assisted Solution

by:Lee W, MVP
Lee W, MVP earned 300 total points
ID: 13694531
If you get the right router, it might have the ability to update a Dynamic DNS service which you could then use a Dynamic address for the router (not a static one) and always connect to a name, which would always be updated with the correct IP translation.

Author Comment

ID: 13695255
Thanks for the reply.

I still don't understand the basic steps on configuring a router to do what you say.

In one Dlink router I looked at there is a DHCP config screen to set 'Fixed Mapping' and there is Virtual Server with Service ports -- do these help to set up the access?

If the router is set up properly using a single IP (ex. and the ports are forwarded to the 2 devices, each with a router assigned IP ( & for example).

When someone wants to access the remote PC, what do they type into the browser location that will give them access to the respective devives?


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Assisted Solution

pressevent earned 600 total points
ID: 13712026
reached for maintenance purposes on which ports?  are they both http (port 80, web)?

if not, most firewalls will let you do port mapping, so that the one outside IP will forward requests to port 80 to one internal ip, and port whatever to another device.

and even if both are on the same port, chances are that one of them is re-configurable to listen on another port.

so virtual server with service ports in your Dlink will work, as long as you have different ports for each device you need to maintain.  but you need to describe how you're reaching these devices to allow me to be more detailed.  hopefully, your security system is web-based and the entertainment one is telnet, or one or the other is configurable to move a standard service to another port.

i do this all the time for folks, including kind of what you're looking for ... remote access to maintain a server, web access, and telnet access for an AMX system across one single static IP.  have also done it on dynamic, using DynDNS or the like


Author Comment

ID: 13724876
thanks pressevent!

What I found out yesterday is that the entertainment system will not need static and only the security system will.

Can you explain that if the security sys allows a web interface to access controls and camera views, how to set up a router, like a dlink, so if the static IP was - how to make it possible to access the sec. sys?

Do I use port-mapping and what are the common steps?


Accepted Solution

francrl earned 600 total points
ID: 13767058
okay, what you need is one "real" static IP from the ISP. You will use this ip to access the systems. In the dlink configuration you will need to do several things. First configure DHCP to assign a specific IP accordingf to the MAC addresses of the two devices you will need to access. for example assign the sec sys and the ent sys Now you need to know exactly which ports you need to access to configure the two systems, lets say its 80 for the sec sys and 23 for the ent sys. Configure port fowarding on the dlink so that all traffic on port 80 goes to and all traffic on port 23 goes to What this does is when you access your "real" (router) ip from outside if the network it sends traffic to the right devece your trying to access.

I hope this helps to clear things up a little....

Expert Comment

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Author Comment

ID: 14003011
Thanks to all for their postings, it was helpful.

In the end the sec. sys needed one internal IP with 3 different ports (including port 80) all pointing to the internal IP

This setup then simply requires typing in the static IP (i.e. and the security system interface appears and requests the username and password. From there the sec. sys cameras can be viewed and changes can be made to the settings of the system, (using the other ports).

So this turned out to be pretty simple to do on the dlink router and it was almost at easy when I switched to an Apple Extreme Base Station.

The only thing I still don't understand is - if the ent. sys needed another internal IP (i.e. on port 80, what would happen when the static IP is entered into a browser? How are two systems using different internal IPs accessed? (Not critical, but curious.)

Thanks again.

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