GDB refuseing to step into method from static library

I am haveing dificulty stepping into a class method belonging to a static library for which my code httpget.cpp is linked.  I am useing the gdb/insight debugger in a WinXP enviroment, where my compiler is MINGW (g++ 3.3.1 mingw-special)

In the code below, I wish to step into the constructor for Parse, which resides in the static library for which I linked against.  When I atempt to step into Parse, gdb lands inside HttpGetSocket.h which it should not.  Instead It should step into Parse.cpp:66

The source for the static library exists inside a seperate directory from which httpget.cpp exists.  The library was compiled with -g3 option, just the same I compiled httpget.cpp with -g3

Here is httpget.cpp

#include <HttpGetSocket.h>
#include <HttpsGetSocket.h>
#include <SocketHandler.h>
#include <Parse.h>

bool Get(const std::string& url_in)
      std::string sDelim = "://";
      Parse pa(url_in, sDelim);  // I want to step into this
      std::string protocol = pa.getword();
      std::string host = pa.getword();
      int port;
            Parse pa(host,":");
            port = pa.getvalue();
      std::string url = "/" + pa.getrest();
      std::string file;
            Parse pa(url,"/");
            std::string tmp = pa.getword();
            while (tmp.size())
                  file = tmp;
                  tmp = pa.getword();
      SocketHandler h;
      if (!strcasecmp(protocol.c_str(),"http"))
            HttpGetSocket s(h,host,port ? port : 80,url,file);
            while (h.GetCount())
            return s.Complete();
            printf("Unknown protocol: '%s'\n",protocol.c_str());
      return false;

int main(int argc,char *argv[])
       std::string sArgv = argv[1];
      for (int i = 1; i < argc; i++)
            if (!Get(sArgv))
                  printf("Failed: %s\n",argv[i]);

When i issue step on the line Parse pa(url_in, sDelim); I reach HttpGetSocket.h:44 but I should reach Parse.cpp:66 , Aditionaly, gdb remains stuck on line 44 for two dozen next commands untill it finaly returns to Get, without ever reaching Parse constructor.

I need a solution that will get me into the code for Parse.cpp:66 so that I can continue debugging.

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It seems that your Debug databases are not up-to-date. Reinstalling MINGW (latest version) should solve the problem.

You also could try to include a copy of parse.h and parse.cpp (in project source directory) to your project, thus getting refreshed debug information. However, you might get linking problems when doing that.

Regards, Alex

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cntfind80Author Commented:
I got the new version 3.4.2 of mingw special,
GNU gdb 2003-09-20-cvs (cygwin-special),

Moved the library source into the directory containing httpget.cpp and rebuilt first the static library, then rebuilt httpget.cpp And it worked, I can now step into Parse.cpp:66 as well as step into other things I was previously haveing trubles jumping into.

Many thanks
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