can i have 2 webservers on 1 network?

Hi all

can I have 2 webservers on the same network, working independantly of each other?

I have a working network. 1 of the machines is acting as a webserver (thats all it does) for my local network (internal use only) and it runs my web app perfectly.

I have been asked to add a second server to run the same app, again locally.

The app is installed on both machines.

on the second server if I try to access the app installed on it then I just get a directory listing, if i put the name of the original server into my browser then I get the app, but from the other server

windows server 2003, IIS, ASP .NET. Both IIS are set up exactly the same, and are pointing to the correct directory on the servers.


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normally you access a server by using its ip or an url that is changed into the ip by dns. so if you address server 1 and this server has no link or connection to server 2, than server 1 should do all the work. did you set any explicit links or something like that?
abenbowAuthor Commented:
All I do is type in the name of the server into my browser and the website launches.

For server 1 the website launches as it should for the new server all I get is the contents of the directory rather than the website.

but if you only call the name of the webserver initially it shows you nothing. or the welcome-page. normally you'll have to modify this welcome-page or set an other one or call the server's name plus an other page.
if you're able to only call that servers name, then somewhere the address of your app is called. means somehow your server has to know that address...
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abenbowAuthor Commented:
on server1 I set up IIS to point to a folder on server 1 so that when I type in the name of server1 i get the website from that folder.

The same folder is also on server2, IIS on server2 is set to point to that folder on server2, when I type in server2 into my browser window I get a directory listing not the website.

If i type server1 into my browser window on server2 then I get the site from server1 working.

IIS is set up in the same way on both servers.
there must be a difference between settings. try to find out. i've got no experience within iis, but under apache i'd take a look for the users rights to read, write and execute.
maybe the website is powered by PHP or something, and PHP is only set up on server 1.

Is the directory listing showing the listing of the correct directory?

I would look at the 'default document' or 'index document' or whatever it's called (sorry i don't use IIS so i wouldn't know)
abenbowAuthor Commented:
its asp and the default document is index.asp on both machines
it seems like the index.asp is not executed on server 2. so it could be server 2 does not know what to do with .asp-files. or that he has to start that file. try to call that file directly http:\\myserver2\dir\index.asp and take a look what happens.

if it is processed the right way, the server does not know, that he has to start this specific index.asp.

if it is not processed, the server does not know what to do with .asp-files
take a look at the actual web page code, does it reference server1 specifically ?

abenbowAuthor Commented:
" Comment from simonenticott
Date: 04/04/2005 01:54PM BST
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take a look at the actual web page code, does it reference server1 specifically ?


no, it works on my pc at home, set up as a webserver. All I do is copy the files over to server1 and it works.


I have added a simple html file to server2 and then pointed my browser to


index.htm is in the same directory as index.asp which won't display.

and it displays the page properly so I am now assumming that its an ASP issue not IIS/webserver
did your index.asp show anything? did it seem like it was parsed and processed? or did the server only show a bit of text? if so, he did not know, what to do with that asp-file. you'll then have to teach him, what to do with it. register the type asp within your webserver.
are you sure you enabled ASP on IIS? under windows 2003, it's prohibited by default.

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abenbowAuthor Commented:
bangs head against wall!


for anyone else who gets stuck on this, look here
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