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CListBox InsertString can't be called

I have a dialog with a list box on it; I added a control to it called m_listBox that's a public variable, so others can access it from another class. When I go to use it like so:

//This is being called in another class that creates an object of the dialog that has the list box

// when I get to typing "m_listBox." I dont' see the system showing me a list of methods available to m_listBox (as it should)....

is there anything wrong in the way I'm using it?
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Hi jade03,
> >is there anything wrong in the way I'm using it?
Sometimes VC++ will fail to show proper list for your object.
This is a bug in VC++ IDE, and not a problem with your code.

David Maisonave :-)
Close VC++, remove project .ncb and .opt files, run VC++ and open project again.
jade03Author Commented:
AlexFM, I couldn't find the .opt files...
The ability for yoru IDE to list your object's methods is called Intellisense.

Because of the bugs in VC++, I don't use the build-in VC++ Intellisense.
Instead I use a third party application called Visual Assist.  This application adds additional features to VC++.
I highly, highly recommend that you try this tool out.
You can download a trial version from the following link:

I garantee once you try it, you'll never want to go back.

The Intellisense is much more reliable using the Visual Assist AddOn, compared to VC++ built-in Intellisense.
jade03Author Commented:
I removed just the .ncb file and restarted the application and it worked!


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