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Alternative to Shared Folders ?

Hello everyone,

My company is planning to abolish the Shared Folders soon (locally on the workstations.) but we also have to implement an alternative for our emplyees who still need to share data. (Since I'm working for a computer game company, sometime our users must share BIG files.)

Currently all of our 1000 employees have at least 120G of HD in their workstations, they also have 2G available on their home folders but most of the time it's not enough to share what they have to...

Any recommendations for an alternative and secure solution ?

Thx in advance.

6 Solutions
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Increase the server storage space.  It's rather short sighted to abolish something when you don't have an acceptable replacement plan in place.  
YtseJammerAuthor Commented:
We already have enough storage for all their 'business related' tasks :)

We're also sure that they can survive without shared folders, it's more that we don't want to change too drastically their 'culture' and that's why we want to provide them a secured alternative.  Maybe a NAS with shared folders for all the users so they can share files with each other ?  Also, we don't want them to trade illegal softwares or MP3s/Movies.


>  have to implement an alternative for our emplyees who still need to share data. (Since I'm working for a computer game company, sometime our users must share BIG files.)

1) Try the most popular data storage convenience in abundance in modern business. It is called eMail. Bosses already know they need storage there because they won't delete anything. If you can D/L to work on it, consider zipping attachments.  Try segmenting into programs. None need have to always D/L the entire copy, the just need the latest changes. For eMail them. Don't delete them (all). They can even belong to shared storage areas.  Note this is similar to shared storage, but it is also the need.
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Rich RumbleSecurity SamuraiCommented:
Why not FTP servers, or SFTP servers?
TBH i would just migrate your shared folders from local machines to Server based shared folders, with that amound of data storage needed i would look at going down a SAN route, and use something like Northern storage server to manage the ammount of data.

Or for a more basic solution use a Snap Sever 4500 which is expandable, supports file sharing and has a built in FTP server if you choose that, and an AV product.
Rich RumbleSecurity SamuraiCommented:
As far as the trading illegal software... with an ftp server or SAN you can monitor who put what where and at what time they removed it, and who accessed it. MP3's and avi's etc... you can have a script look for unacceptable extensions in the logs, some AV programs let you block certain file ext's also.

sounds like a SAN (Storage Area Network) would suit your needs.
a SAN is a server designed for storage availability on a high speed network.
this would be independent from all other servers.

also they could use GOOGLE.COM mail, google recently expanded their email storage to over 2gb.
with this you could setup several accounts for them to use, and they could access the accounts whenever they wanted.
(granted the file transfers will not be as fast as having a SAN)
but you could create 5 accounts, call them something like gamestorage1, gamestorage2..... totalling over 10gb of space.

The best solution would be a server based storage solution.  Depending on your OS's in use and current deployment, that answer can be extremly lengthy.  NAS & SAN are two options at tackling similar issues.  You also have iSCSI and ADIC StorNext for different methods of getting at data and sharing data.

Your main task should be determine exactly how much they would use, how much would keep them happy, and how much the company is willing to put into it.  All in all, for management, monitoring, and cost-efficiency central storage always seems to come out in front.  There are all sorts of solutions when it comes to storage.

If you want gobs of space, relatively cheap price tag, decent performance, and okay redundancy, you could just get a big NexSan ATABeast, fill it with 400GB drives, attach it to a SAN or a front end server, and have about 16TB of storage for $35k:

How much do you want to spend today?
YtseJammerAuthor Commented:
Thx a lot guys for your inputs, we should definitively go with the SAN option.  Now we'll see how much we can invest :)


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