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Hello all.

User accounts created for a particular server are able to map to their accounts within the domain, however they are not able to write or create folders. This seemed like a permissions issue to me , however it is not so . The users have write, modify permissions over their accounts  ,still they are not able to write to their own accounts. The problem is not with a particular account, seems to exist for all accounts. Another important thing to note is the server is recognised by 2 different names. That is both the names refer to the same server. I am not sure what exactly is causing the problem.

Any insight would be helpful and appreciated.

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luv2smileConnect With a Mentor Commented:
NTFS permissions are what control who can access every file and folder and what kind of access they have.

On your shared folder, click on the security tab and here you will see the NTFS permissions.

"'Read and List Folder Contents' set"

Then this is your ANSWER. Your users only have read and list folder contents just as it says. If they only have read, then how will the write to the folder? When sharing a folder or file, you must set the share permissions and the NTFS permissons. Of the two, the most restrictive always apply so if NTFS permissions are set to write, but share are to read then your users only have read.

The standard is to set the share permissions to be least restrictive such as giving everyone full control...then using the NTFS permissions to control the access.

Also, it is best practice to REMOVE the everyone group from the NTFS permissons. If you want everyone in your domain to access the folder then use the group "authenticated users". If you only want specific users to access it or you want diferent levels of access for different users then you can add them in by user or group and set their permissions individually.

There is a lot you can do with NTFS permissions and they can get a bit complex sometimes.

Here are some resources for you:
Don't look at the permissons on the accounts...look at the permissions for the actual folders that they are mapping to.
Mike KlineCommented:
Check the share permissions and the NTFS  permissions too.  

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I tend to agree with luv2smile, make sure that each user is a member of "EVERYONE"

nagulasAuthor Commented:
The permissions on the accounts are all set properly . Also each user is a member of "EVERYONE". For Everyone , it has 'Read and List Folder Contents' set. I am not very sure what are NTFS permissions . Could you please elaborate on that.

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