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Stop automatic Re-installation of a program


I have a Win 98 box that every time it is booted re-installs a program.
I have tried :
 - Install the program and when finished uninstall it. Shutdown and boot again. Asks again to reinstall it

 -Install the program. Do not uninstall. Shutdown and boot again. Asks again to reinstall it.

Any ideas of how to stop doing it

1 Solution
What's the program????  Have you uninstalled or installed anything else recently?

and ..for a start you could try.checking in  msconfig ... http://netsquirrel.com/msconfig/

The only startup items you absolutely need are:


start with only these and  go from there.

Please confirm the name and details of the program.

Open REGEDIT (Start > Run option > and type REGEDIT > click OK) and navigate down the LEFT pane to the keys:



Look in the RIGHT pane for each and see if there is anything listed there APART from one item named [Default].

When you install applications that require a reboot to configure settings, the setup process adds a lot of lines in this key so that they will be executed ONCE at the next reboot.  In the event of a freeze-up at the shutdown stage when the computer tries to reboot, or because of a badly written installation routine, sometimes these settings are left there and it becomes a vicious cycle.

DON'T modify or delete anything while in REGEDIT without guidance, or you could cripple your computer.

The newer type of installations create an .MSI file (usually with a numeric name) in the folder C:\Windows\Installer.  This .msi file is set in the registry as the "Source" file from which the program can repair itself.  You can find out what each of these .msi files relates to by RIGHT-Clicking on each and choosing "Properties".  The details of the program can be seen under the "Summary" tab.

The benefit of this newer "msiexec" installers is that, when you select them from the list in Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs, not only do they give the option to uninstall them, but also provide the option to "Repair" the program.

Some annoying programs like Microsoft Messenger detect changes in configuration that they don't like, and automatically repair themselves from that source .msi file.  One of the settings that some versions of Microsoft Messenger interpret as a significant change worthy of reinstating, is when you disable the startup program LoadQM.exe which is installed by Microsoft Mesenger.  because it saps system resources, most people disable this from starting up when the computer boots, but Microsoft Messenger 5 promptly repairs itself when next run, and restores LoadQM.exe as a startup program again.

This would be especially so if you had Microsoft Messenger set as a startup program, or had Outlook Express configured to automatically launch Microsoft messenger when IT started.

Sometimes moving the related .msi file works because the program asks the registry where the file is to repair itself from.

As has been asked above, WHAT program are you talking about?  It might just be a virus or spyware you are asking about.
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One thing you DON'T seem to have tried is actually UNINSTALLING the program.

Why don't you try this and then reboot.
Disable all unnecessary startup programs (as described by dxf224) and reboot.
THEN try REinstalling the program.

Some versions of Norton AntiVirus are bad for this.  If it (and quite often it does) become corrupted, then it sometimes doesn't fully UNinstall.  When you try to REinstall it, the program isn't fully reinstalled either, and behaves in the manner you have described.

In addition to this, unnecessary background processes can cause a system hang at shutdown for a number of reasons, but particularly after you have run the first part of a setup routine.  If you have to use the reset button or Ctrl + Alt + Del to restart the computer, then often the "RunOnce" processes won't be performed and you end up with a half-baked installation.

IF you have Windows 98 Second Edition, then perhaps you should install the Win98SE Shutdown Supplement which prevents a lot of shutdown problems:

I can only assume that you managed to isolate the problem using MSCONFIG.  Have you managed to install the program completely now?
moose25Author Commented:
As a matter of fact what I tried to do was to uninstall the program. This was a program dsitributed by the Spanish Government to help companies in creating files with a specific format for VAT and other financial declarations.
Tried to Install, Uninstall  and other possible combinations but whatever it was done it was installed again at start up. On "msconfig" there was a reference to something like "Trash Guard ...". Unmarking that solved the problem.

You probably have an older version of McAfee Utilities which is protecting against the removal of system files or is protecting your Recycle Bin folder (C:\Recycled).  The option to "unprotect" whatever it protects would probably have been available from within the user options of the McAfee suite of utilities.  After disabling that type of protection, which is also offered by other utilities by Symantec/Norton, etc, you would have to reboot.

Actually, it's good practice to disable all AntiVirus and similar software that has processes running in the background before installing or uninstalling anything.

If you do have and old version of a McAfee utility suite installed, you should consider whether you really need it, or whether you ever update Virus definitions, etc.  If the answer is no, then you would be better to uninstall it after disabling all startup processes and protections that it offers.

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