Uploading onto a network server via the www

i am currently devloping a system whereby students at home can upload work on a school server
via the world wide web
the school server is on a secure local network inside the school
is there anyway to do this...?
(theory not code)
i have access to the server and can set up permission and stuff
but i am totally unsure if its even possible

any ideas?
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simonenticottConnect With a Mentor Commented:
"so in theory it is possible to access a internal server from the www?"

on your firewall you need to forward port 80 to the server thats run the webserver, that'll make the website accesible to the outside world.  

You'll want to think about the security around this, you'll need to keep the server fully patched and up to date becuase if a hacker gets in to it he'll have access to your network.  Ideally you would have that web server in a DMZ, the DMZ is a part of the network that is segregated off from the main network by the firewall but is accessible from the main network and the internet, this helps protect your main network ).

I assume you have a domain name setup for the school already ?  (the www address that you will give to the students), if not drop a note in here and we'll talk you through that.  

Yes...You can use ASP to give the upload option...There are lot of commercial components which can make it possible...And free code as well available on net..just goole it n you can find a lot of them..
http://www.motobit.com/help/scptutl/upload.asp This is one of them which we are using at the moment...
Another Popular one is ASPupload component

If you dont want to do all these..simple way is setup the FTP server on your web server and give the permissions to the students..:)
graemeboroConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Another potential solution is to provide SSH access to students, this offers the same facilities as FTP with security.  Have a look at the following :- http://www.ssh.com/support/products/secureshellwinserver/

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liseperuAuthor Commented:
so in theory it is possible to access a internal server from the www?
even if that server is not on the www...
i.e. by making it accessable
ViRoyConnect With a Mentor Commented:

yes you can allow access from the www to the internal server.
however in doing so you will be exposing the computer and therefore security will be a bigger issue.

as long as proper security measures are taken, you can easily allow students from remote locations to connect to the internal server. the options for accomplishing this are plentiful, you will have to decide which will fit your needs best...
i would reccomend FTP as all MS Windows computers have FTP functions built into it, this way it wouldnt require any software installation or setup process. user training would be all thats required.

FTP also allows for individual accounts, so each student can be administered independently.
EnigmaticFractalConnect With a Mentor Commented:
"this way it wouldnt require any software installation or setup process. user training would be all thats required."

  Yes, FTP can be implemented without any third party software to achieve this.  However, there is only a limited amount of security measures that can be taken without FTP software with security in mind.  Of course, a massive amount of security may not be required, but it is always better to have more security than to have too little, thereby allowing a hacker to obtain access.
liseperuAuthor Commented:
hackers could be a big problem seeing as the students are 16-18yr I.T. students
and although secruity could be tweaked on our school server
the overall idea is to put in place a system that can be installed and used by any school
with a minimal amount to set up...
am begining to think if its worth the effort
Do you have a decent firewall with DMZ (or optional) port on it ?  if you do then you could use that and it would minimise the risk to your main network.

An alternative you could explore is having an external hosted server and let the students upload to that.
There are a few things to think about such as how you'd get that data from the remote server to the school server, such as setting up something to copy/move everything off the remote server to your school server at a set interval.  If the students have to logon to the website you know who the file belongs to and then you know to copy it to the users home area on the school network.

liseperuAuthor Commented:
to be honest with you all i never even considered the issues of hacking...
with this in mind i think i will have to re-consider my plans as i think i may be going out of my depth
thanks for all your help
i could have blindly wandered into a mine field without your help....
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