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I've installed 2 MGE Ellipse 500 UPS units on a boat.  It is in a very hard-to-reach place an cannot be manually switch off without unscrewing a few panels.  Now, everytime time power get switch off(wich happens everyday/night) the damn thing starts beeping, wich is ofcourse very annoying.  
I would like to attemp remove the speaker, is it possible to do that?? These things are very easy to take appart and I'm pretty confident with soldering iron. My question REALLY is if it will function properly  after i remove the speaker??What damage can be caused???
Also is there any other way of keeping the thing quiet??

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concretesailorsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The current running to a speaker is one way. By disconnecting the speaker, you simply stop the current before it reaches the speaker. Since the current going to a speaker is one way, disconnecting the speaker will have no effect except stopping the speaker from working. Think of a house speaker on a stereo; disconnect the speaker and the stereo still works, but you don't receive any sound from the stereo. The same holds true for the UPS, disconnect the speaker and all you do is cancel the sound from the speaker.
The current running to a speaker is very minimun, but it's enough to vibrate the magnet, which vibrates the paper, which creates sound waves. Your speaker will be either a round metal, or square metal apperatus with a hole on one end, simply clipping the red wire will stop the speaker from being activated.
Hope this helps,
CallandorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I hate it when my UPS'es start beeping too.  You can muffle them by locating the beeper (looks like a small black cylinder) and taping over the opening.  I haven't tried cutting the speaker leads, but I don't see why you couldn't do that.
BeeshoringAuthor Commented:
Hi callandor

Also tried to muffle the speaker, did help a lot but was still not enough. I remove the speaker, plugged it in, there was no sparks, burning-smells or any other noticable disasters, so I guess it's ok. Will leave it on for a while just to make sure and then do the other one!

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moorhouselondonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The UPS electronics would not be dependent on the speaker functioning.  A speaker would not be wired in series with anything as it would be damaged by pumping any current through it (other than for its' use as a speaker).  I would say that no damage will be caused by disconnecting the speaker.
If you are removing power daily, you might end up with a problem - if the UPS "deep discharges" the battery daily, you'll end up with problems after about 60-90 cycles. Even if the UPS provides "deep discharge protection," you are draining the lead acid battery daily - which also lowers the lifetime...  I imagine that the only warning of "bad battery" will be a beeping through the speaker, and possibly a blinking LED - which you've probably covered up.

I'm not familiar with the MGE Ellipse.  I usually resell APC and they have the ability to use software which notifies the user about error conditions that edbored has mentioned.  IF you are using this UPS in conjunction with a pc and IF there is an interface available on the MGE and IF powerchute works with the MGE I would be tempted to buy it.  If it makes you sleep easier at night, it is worth it.  There will be no need to leave the pc switched on all the time, you just go into Powerchute periodically to check what errors you have.
don't forget that you have option B:
Throw the UPS off the boat.  :-)

What ed says is most beneficial information.  Battery only has so many power cycles before it's life is worn out.
BeeshoringAuthor Commented:
Hey thanks to all!!!

Yes, I thought the same as all of you but still was not sure, and thats why I asked here. Thank You for making it clear

The discharging of the battery is not to worry about as nothing is on while the power is off.  The units were put in only to keep the computer, dvd player, television, ect. running while the power is being switch from  shore-power to generater or when the inverter gets turned on. The inverter have a 20sec delay so all connected electrical appliances looses power for 20sec, wich means the computer have to be turned off and the boss's kids gets VERY upset when they have to be distrurbed while watching tv or a movie!! (ofcourse NOT acceptable on luxurious yachts!!!)

Thank You once again

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