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Simply.com or 1&1 reseller accounts?


I currently have an account with Fasthosts and wish to move away due to level of service (bad)!

I'm looking for feedback on simply.com and 1&1 reseller accounts. Does anyone have any experience of these?

Any feedback will be appreciated.

Andy Crathorne
1 Solution
1&1 has a very poor track record for support.

I haven't used their web reseller services, but I have used their domain registration and e-mail hosting services.  I'm still trying to cancel my e-mail account, which has proven difficult.  Their support has been pretty useless.

You might consider searching WHT for reviews...
That's true.  1&1 is a budget hosting company.  They make money by selling a lot of hosting.  Support being one of the more significant expenses a hosting company can face, you're not going to get much help with any of the budget hosts.

Simply has a better reputation from what I've heard & read, but I've never used them, so I can't comment beyond that.
Have experience with domain hosting on 1&1.  Yes they are the cheapest out there in this regard and the services they provide or addequate, but customer service is my issue.

They are IMPOSSIBLE to get ahold of.  I spent (and yes I timed it) 45 minutes on hold at 1 PM on the west coast in an attempt to get some minor tech support.  That was the second time for the same problem.  The first time (the day before) I gave up after 1 hour on hold.  When I did get ahold of them, they referenced me to a link that got the job done.  So if you like being on hold, 1&1 is your bag.

I also used their email tech support to disable blind redirects, and the code they sent back flat out did not work with any browser.  I had to snoop around to find some good code.  So they were worthless there.

No experience with simply.com.

Vip-hosting.com was okay, good tech support, bad billing (always double billing me), have windows and linux on same account, but I hate Hsphere.

Hostgator.com is good, good tech support (late night is marginal), good billing, love whm, good prices.  Been with them for 1 year.  Have had one incident where we tried to upgrade to a new server, and it was all dorked up.  They upgraded us back to the old server (just more space) and it was good to go.

I havent had any experience with 1&1, but I recently switched my hosting to www.globat.com, great customer service, which seems to be the biggest gripe here, and good value for money. Not so sure about the reseller option, it seems there isn't a set option, but you can, and others have, request reseller accounts.
As you can see, there are a lot of other options out there.  Since you mentioned simply.com and 1&1, I presume you would be looking for a solution located in the UK.  If you would like some alternative solutions, let us know what your requirements are so that we can provide suitable alternatives.

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