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Database programming design question

Hello there,

i'm working on a programming framework for a pretty large database application. One of the issues i've encountered is the usage of database connections throughout the the application.

I want to keep down the number of connections and i want to keep up the performance as much as possible.

Would the following idea be suitable:

Create a connection class;
At the start of the program create an instance of the connection object;
As i  dynamically create userobjects (forms and what not) where needed, i give a reference to the connection object as a constructor parameter of such an object.
Use the connexion where needed in methods contained in my user objects.

Thanks for the advice!
1 Solution
I have done a few large database projects and I am currently using the Microsoft Data Access Application block


What i have is I have a class that handles my connection utilizing the DAAB. Then anytime i want to perform a Database function I just call the appropriate function in my class and it goes and talks to the ADOHelper (DAAB) and performs the action and then quits. In my case it is very speedy and keeps my connections to the server low.

Hope this helps.

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