What effect migt a microwave oven have on a wired network?

The administration at my office wants to place my server room in an office next to a kitchenette. There will be at least one microwave in there. There will be a typical internal wall and about six feet of air between the microwave and the servers. We are still running a wired network on CAT5. Does anyone think there might be a problem with this arrangement and if so can you provide an explanation?
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A microwave that is properly manufactured should not cause a problem with leaking radiation.  Even if it did, it shouldn't affect a network on cat5, but if you are unsure, you can get a microwave radiation tester.  It is very easy to shield a microwave - a simple sheet of aluminum foil will prevent emission beyond.
I not only agree with the above, but have proof:   In our office, we have a kitchenette area.    There's a microwave in there.    Across the other side of the kitchen area, we have a server cabinet with two windoes 2003 servers and a disk array.     Also very nearby (same kitchen area) are two large copy machines, and two laser printers.

We have never had ANY problems with any of those devices causing any kind of interference; and the microwave gets used a LOT.

Microwaves, just as your server(s), are all properly shielded.   You should not experience any issues.

HERE is an article that shows typical microwave leakage of a microwave oven:  http://www.gallawa.com/microtech/Ch3.html

As you can see, once you get past only a few inches away:  no problem.........


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PS:  The distance between our kitchen microwave and server rack is 6 feet of open air, and NO wall.
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