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How can I get rid of the "SumOf" Legend Table in my reports?

I have a query set to plot a series of points using Microsoft Graph 2000 Chart and cannot get rid of the statement "SumOf" before each series being plotted.

I can go directly to the datasheets and change it there, but when I view my report... it still shows " SumOf" whatever.


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In your query change the column's value from:



YourDescriptionHere: SUM([FieldName])

This is the same as the SQL statement:

SELECT SUM([FieldName]) AS YourDescriptionHere FROM ...

instead of

SELECT SUM([FieldName]) FROM ...

tachiiniiAuthor Commented:
I don't thinK I made my question clear...

I can easily change this in the query, but my question was directed to making a chart and with several differnt values and graping this out and when this chart is done.  It creates a legend that has the "SumOf" next to each series of plots made.  I am trying to figure thsi out.

I would assume that your chart takes the values from the column names returned by your query. Unless you explicitly give your column a name in the query, Access makes SUM() fields SumOf and COUNT() fields CountOf, etc.

There are multiple places this could be stored.  You want to get from the right spot.
The first possibility is in not the query itself, but the samll temp dataset stored for the chart in the report itself.  In 97 this dataset is a little excel-style spreadsheet that has labels that can be edited.  Delete the bad label part.

Otherwise it could be fixed by setting up a second query in the report - one for the first page that has lal the summaries and one in the detail that doesn't.  The labels then don't have the problems you're mentioning.

Err...  I had some other insight, possibly about messing around with the chart object properties, in the graph object itself, but I'd guess that either of those things is your problem.

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