Cisco Pix 515e-506e

We have ipsec tunnel from our office here, to multiple locations.  Traffic flows nicely from one location to the other, but I cannot get hostnames to resolve, and I have enable that rule.  Am I missing something here?
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lrmooreConnect With a Mentor Commented:
A records for everyone if you have your own DNS
Make sure the clients point to the local DNS server
Make sure the server points to itself.

You also need the SRV records if this is Active Directory
Alternatives =
local hosts files if you have XP
local LMHOSTS files if you have anything other than XP/Active Directory
Where is the DNS server? if it is local then this is not a PIX issue. If the DNS server is remote then the security policy
on the PIX must allow that traffic to pass through. Try changing the ACL applied to the outside interface to allow tcp and udp
port 53 traffic inbound.

Sounds like a Microsoft WINS/DNS problem, not a PIX problem.
VPN tunnel will not propogate NetBIOS name resolution broadcast packets
These links might help

Microsoft Browsing

How Browsing a Wide Area Network Works:;EN-US;Q117633&

Troubleshooting the Microsoft Computer Browser Service;en-us;188305;en-us;136712;en-us;102878


Problems with workgroup networking in XP:;en-us;Q308007

Problems seeing workgroups when connected to a router:;en-us;Q315978

How to Write an LMHOSTS File for Domain Validation and Other Name Resolution Issues 

Windows 2000 DNS - Diagnosing Name Resolution Problems
FQDN = Fully Qualified Domain Name

Windows 2000 DNS - Solving other common DNS problems
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jasonpurvianceAuthor Commented:
So from what you are saying, I need to have an A Record for each machine for example

remote machine hostname: testserver

I need to have an A record locally(or remotely whichever DNS I use) that resolves testserver=

Am I understanding this correctly?
jasonpurvianceAuthor Commented:
we are running active directory, all of our local machines are registered in the domain, which registers them in DNS, the machines in the rremotes location, do they need to be regiestered in this domain too? or do I need a a DC in that remote location as well?
They need to at least register if they are in the same domain. If a different domain, they should have a DC that replicates with yours.
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