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Can someone give a description of  PNG, JPEG, JIF and BITMAP image formats along with there advantages and disadvantages.
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stengeljConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here is a page that provides some good summaries PNG and JPEG (JIF is part of the JPEG family) files including pros and cons.

It doesn't discuss BITMAP formats as they are typically used under diffent circumstances. Here is some detailed info about bitmaps:


Basically, PNG/JPEG/GIF image files are compressed files.  This makes them good for use on web sites (PNGs are fully supported yet) as they have smalller file sizes.  As a result of compression, these filetypes are typically not used if the image needs to be printed.

On the other hand, BITMAP files are not compressed and have larger file sizes that make them impractical for web use, but do allow for higher quality when printing.
lherrouConnect With a Mentor Commented:
PNG (Portable Network Graphic) is one of three image types that generally can be displayed by modern browsers. PNG uses a "lossless" compression method, the Ziv-Lempel method also known as Deflate compression, based on the same methods used by PKZIP. GIF is also "lossless" compression method, GIF achieves smaller file sizes by in part decreasing the number of colors needed to describe the image (from millions to 256 or less). JPG is a "lossy" compression method, which relies on the fact that some information in the image is more noticable to the human eye. The problem with JPG is that when you open and re-save a JPG image, you lose more and more information, introducing noticable artifacts over time.

Bitmap image formats (BMP and TIF) are uncompressed image format, where the information in the file is essentially a map of each bit (think pixel) in the image should be, and what color it should be. They cannot be rendered (viewed) by browsers without helper applications like plugins or external image programs. No data is lost when these formats are opened and then re-saved, other than changes you may have made in your graphics program. BMP is primarily a Microsoft format, TIF is the standard for cross-platform lossless images.

Does that answer your question?
"JUST the links to material like this."

Actually, I think posting the tile of the page and a brief summary followed by the link is a little more usefull and adds to the search engine functionality.  Just posting a link means the solution will not be indexed in the search engine.

The important thing is to properly cite information that you are posting.  Typically, each thought or paragraph should be referenced-not just a pile of links at the end.
Hi LHerrou,

 Thanks for notifying the point...Actually I plan to give the site url...but before that I that I think I can give some some points from the site...and letus give the links.....I just post it for knowing answer...If I use the contents for my personnal publishing material, website etc..I think it is illegal..That time I should follow copyrighted material....right....Ok,Anyhow Thanks for notifying me that point...

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