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I have a datawindow, in which i created dynamic a few button controls
The problem is that I want to bring to top one of the buttons with and the other buttons will be in the back

how cand i send the bringtotop property to that button?

I'm using powerbuilder 7, and in some parts of the manual does not says the bring to top property but in the "Properties for DataWindow controls" says that i can use this property

Does anyone have any idea how to do that?
Thanks, in advance...
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vipulunadkatConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Instead of keeping one button on other button why dont you keep a single button and dynamically change caption of the button as required.

Still if you want to keep two button one above the other use visible property and make only one visible at a time. I hope this will solve your problem.

completely agree with vipulunadkat ...
dynamically change captions by having a single button...
add code using If statements or case...(can help u with this...)

or the other option that he has given...
u can play around with making the buttons visible and invisible as per ur requirements...

lastly what i can suggest is that if u still wanna go in for those many button controls and try the bringtoTop property u need to paste ur code here so i can make my additions to it and give u a solution...

Let me know for more assistance...

The SetPosition method can be used to alter the front to back order of objects within a datawindow.

dw_1.SetPosition("b_MyButton", "detail", True)  // Move b_MyButton to the front

Pass False as the 3rd argument to send an object to the back.
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