text link vs graphic link with regard to search engines

Someone mentioned to me that it would be a good idea to have both text and graphic links (outbound) on our site.  This is not with respect to design issues which is a separate matter.  

What they were saying was that Google and other search engines may or may not decide to take a dislike to outbound links on a site (a dislike to only text links or perhaps only graphical links) and if you have both kinds you would be protected from them penalizing a site for using one kind or the other kind of link.

To me this is not making a lot of sense since the url is named in both type links, the main difference being that the graphic has the IMG tag associated with it.  But, since I'm certainly not an expert I would rather not dismiss this.  Is it important to have both a graphical and a text link (to the same place) to avoid any current or future issues with search engines??

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linque -

Your instinct was correct - it is always better to have text outbound links, they look nicer on the page and load faster. There is no reason for search engines to penalize how the link appears on the page either now or in the future.  Of course the link has to avoid pointing to the wrong place, for example a link farm.

- duz
You're right, it doesn't make a lot of sense.  Text links are preferable for the reasons duz outlined.  I would add that if you choose to use graphical links for your site navigation, it makes a text link site map that much more important (though you should have one anyway).
linqueAuthor Commented:
" a text link site map "

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