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Aside from the obvious "you could fill your drive and the system would halt" and "you cannot increase the size of a system partition" is there any other reason why I would not want to put everything in one big partition?  I've had servers where the System partition is too small after a while.  This causes all kinds of headaches.  Why not just put everything (like Exchange for example) under one big drive and dynamically grow your RAID array as you need to?
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It is a very Bad idea to put a server on one big partition.

1.- It affect performance
2.- It is harder to recover from a crash
3.- in the event of a failure you are sure to get corruptions

Best configuration for a server in your situation  should be as follow:

Partition 1  (System files: Windows, statup files, program files) 10 to 20 gig
Partition 2  (Exchange: Streaming files and log files)  If its not Enterprise it will not grow more than 16 GIG, however you need extra space for the log files. Total at least 40 gig to what ever you can afford.
Partition 3  (Active directory and any thing else you want) Size could be as big as you want.
Partition 4 (Swap files or Virtual memory or page files) 5 gig

I do not see how your system partition would  grow more that 10 13 gig on a server

I hope that helped if you have more questions post them.

pm2001Author Commented:
Thanks, Vico1.  Yes, I agree that 20GB would be sufficient, I might be concerned with only 10GB.
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