Error: code = 1326 (unknown user name or bad password).

I have client software application that is installed on about 30 Windows 2000 boxes (30 users).
The Client application connects (via intranet) to a remote host that houses an oracle database.  
Logon to the database is controlled via the users' Windows 2000 username/password.
Under MOST circumstances, users are able to use the client application to access the database.
However, at some SMALL BUT SIGNIFICANT FREQUENCY (~ 5 times per day) SOME users are denied access to the database and the following error shows up in the log files: Id: [2912] Error code = 1326: unknown user name or bad password.
This error is TRANSIENT (i.e. it lasts anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes and then spontaneously resolves itself).  And no, they are not mistyping their usernames/passwords.

The network is not under heavy load, and I feel that by the given error that this is some type of security or networking issue, but I know next to nothing about Win2k.

Any idea as to where I might poke around to fix the issue?

I have contacted software vendor but haven't heard back yet and am looking for suggestions.

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sweatbeastConnect With a Mentor Commented:
at the time of the issue can a user log onto a workstation?  Could be an issue at the domain controller end (am assuming you have a win2k domain?)
pdaneseAuthor Commented:
Yes, it's a win2k domain, and the user must be logged onto the workstation to be able to access the client program.

Yes, but if a user were to login onto a workstation fresh during the time of the issue can they? This might give us an idea of whether there is a general domain issue and not due to applications run on the box.
or a problem at the DB end
pdaneseAuthor Commented:
turns out the IT manager was tinkering with the password security policy on the day that this was happening.  i think this solved the issue, but thanks for the suggestions.

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