Xerox XD125F Prints light on the edges

The middle 2 - 3 inches of the print is fine, but the outer edges is very light.

I already tried replacing the toner & changing the drum to fix this problem with no luck.

Is the fuser the cause of this?
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WatzmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:

The fuser is absolutely, definitely, NOT the cause of this.

The most common cause would be toner not distrubuted evenly inside the cartridge.  Either the cartridge is almost empty or you need to "shake it" to distribute the toner more evenly.  However, since you replaced the cartridge, that doesn't seem like the cause.

The other most likely cause is a dirty or defective transfer system, that transfers the toner from the drum to the paper.  There are two totally different types.

The first, older type is a "Transfer Corona", a very fine (almost invisible) wire that is charged with high voltage (over 1,000 volts, typically) to "pull" the toner from the drum to the paper by what more or less amounts to static electric "cling" (the wire is on the back side of the paper, the paper is between the wire and the drum).  The cause here would be that the wire is dirty on the outside edges (a possible cause of this would be that you did some printing with narrow paper media, but by no means is it necessary that you did this).  The fix is to clean the wire and it's housing, but the wire is very fragile.  Cleaning is done with a very fine brush.

Newer printes have "charge roller" that performs the same function somewhat differently. It's a charged rubber roller that attracts the toner from the drum, only the paper is between the roller & drump, so the toner ends up on the paper.  These are difficult to clean and sometimes have to be replaced.

Another possibility is that the problem is in the laser scanner, the optics (lenses and mirrors) could be dirty towards the outer edges.  These are cleaned conventionally, same as any other lenes and optics, but finding them and getting to them are difficult for people not trained as laser printer repair technicians.  (these are in the printer, not in the cartridge).

Here's a trick you can try, at the risk of creating a potentially messy jam:  Print a page and turn the printer off (or unplug it) while it's printing.  Open the printer and remove the drum.  The image of the page that hasn't yet transferred to the paper will still be on the drum.  You can see if it's light at the edges there also, or if the image on the drum is uniform.  If it's uniform on the drum, but not on the paper, then it's in the transfer system.  If it's not uniform on the drum, then it's in the cartridge or laser scanner.

Hope that this helps.  It may be worth calling a trained service technican to resolve this.

If it was the fuser you would see toner lift-off (toner not sticking properly and being put down again further down the page)

When you say "outer edge", just what does that mean? If you hold an A4 (Letter) page in portrait, is it the left and right sides, or top and bottom?
adarrellAuthor Commented:
yea its the left and right sides that are printing light.

it happens if i copy a page or just print one out.
Thanks Watzman, that's a beautiful explanation. Adarell should be able to resolve it from your comment.
adarrellAuthor Commented:
yea thanks alot Watzman, im goint to accept ur answer because nothing else has worked.

I will give this a try asap and let u know the outcome.
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