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I recently upgraded from ACDSee 6 Power Pack to version 7.Previously I had no difficulty in contacting InTouch for Registration,and updates.On installing Version 7 I have been unable to contact InTouch to activate and to register the programme.ACDSee advisors have been trying for 2 months to solve this problem without success.
Any ideas?

I have tried to contact InTouch with/without firewall (McAfee) to no avail,and have downloaded the programme from more than one source in case the original was corrupted but no success

OS is Windows XP (home) SP2
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Maybe windows firewall is blocking the updates.
Go to Control panel/Windows Firewall and turn it off.Since windows firewall is a little stupid try and add
your programme in the windows firewall exception list.
fobeidAuthor Commented:
Not using Windows firewall, McAfee firewall is on.No problems with ACDSee 6,but
7 will not connect to ACDSee InTouch.Cant think of any reason,but ACDSee experts cannot advise a fix either
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