How can i add a watermark to my photos so they arent taken and claimed as someone elses? I have FireworksMX, PhotoshopCS, Imageready

Is it possibly to do "batch processing" and add a watermark to them all or would i have to do it individually?  Also what is the code behind a page that wont allow a user to right click an image to save it?  (probably cant prevent them from taking a screenshot but what can you do?!)  Could you put this in the CSS of your document so all images would be protected?


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lherrouConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Are you planning on adding a digital rights watermark via a plugin (like

Or are you talking about something subtle superimposed over the image to discourage copying? If it's the latter, you can use Photoshop's batch file processing (File -> Automate -> Batch) to accomplish your goals. Here's an excellent tutorial of the process:

Your second question is a bit harder. First of all, there's no way to prevent an internet-savvy user from accessing and saving your images. However, you can block the non-savvy ones, and create a little more hassle for the others. The best method is to use layers in your web design. Have the background layer be the image, and have a foreground layer of a transparent GIF filling the space. Then, when they right-click to save the image, it will save the GIF and not your photo. You can also get a bit of Javascript that will try to block right-click attempts on your page (only works if the user has Javascript enabled in their browser). You can search this site for examples of that, or search google for "javascript block right-click". As I said, neither of these will get you very far against someone who wants to take your pics, so don't post anything that you don't want floating around the net.
Another way to protect your images, is to make each file a flash file. There is no way to download an image that is embedded in a flash file. The only way they can copy it, is to take a snapshot.
freeman118Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Most popular way to stop people stealing your stuff is to use a 'no right click' javascript, above are a few to choose from, look for one that is supported on all browsers, and claims to have no work around. If u dont like those just google for 'no right click javascript'.
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you could also layer the watermark image on top of all your images with a span tag.  The watermark image would have to be the same size as the image that is displayed.  While this option is kind of a pain in the ass it would allow you to keep your image in it's origional form and if anyone tried to download all they would get is your watermark.  Kinda cool!  I think the javascript option is probably a lot easier.
BradmphConnect With a Mentor Commented:

this one is pretty good.

small comment on Grims statement.

There are Flash decompilers out there that can unload an entire flash files contents. I know of one program builder that creates one of these progs worked at macromedia too.

Just a comment, 8o)

TheRookie32Author Commented:
wow.  lots of good suggestions... i dont know how to devide up the points...  is it first to answer first to get points with a little weighted effect of who has simplest/best answer?
You can divvy up the points however you wish. Most appropriate is usually to give the "accepted answer" and perhaps a few more points to the solution(s) that worked for you, and divide the remain points among those who were helpful or contributed a solution, even if perhaps not the one you ultimately used.
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