Speeding up boot up process.

    I would like to log my computer bootup process, and see what Windows 2000 is doing  in the bootup process. in order to see what programs and services are being run. This will enable me to know what Ineed to shut down to clean up all the unnecessary junk that runs that I will not use.

     Also what I would like included in some of the answers is information on knowing what I need and don't need to run. Web Links to learn about references and  information would be appreciated.

    I have seven machines running on Windows 2000 professional, and would like to clean them up.
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IvanVillamizarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here's a few links:

http://www.blackviper.com/WIN2K/servicecfg.htm     <-- this one, I hate the colors but info is superb!

http://www.microsoft.com/windows2000/techinfo/howitworks/management/w2kservices.asp   <-- this one won'r tell you what to disable, but what each service does and the implications if you disable it.  With that info and your knowledge of your own environment/needs should be enough.


One word of advice:  If in doubt, don't touch it. (unless in a test environment)

This little (but very cool) utility shows you all things that run "automatically" and allows you to disable the ones you don't want/need . Be carefull!!!  Make sure you understand what you are disabling, you could end up with an inaccesible system... (been there, done that!):


David WallCommented:
Get a copy of MSconfig this enable you to disable temporariliy and services or programs that run at startup


This site also has details about startup programs

xjdiggerAuthor Commented:
Thanks IvanVillamizar

These are good resources. I have used black viper in the past. But I lost the book mark in a harddrive crash and had forgot the name. Thank you for the information
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