DeskJet 970 cse & cxi

I have a 970cse that has worked fine for years. About six months ago, I started getting errors saying that it had failed to print, sometimes while it was printing and at times when it was done printing...  After a couple of these false errors, it would completely lock up the keyboard and mouse so that the only way to get it operational was to kill the power..
I had another 970cxi and installed it and it failed the same way.
We installed both printers on another computer and they both work fine.
HP said to remove both of them and then do a clean install. We did and they worked for about 2 weeks and then back to the same failures.
I feel that HP has something in the registery that is corrupt and they do not agree.
We have gotten to the point that we don't trust the printer any longer due to the lost time and info..
Any help would really be appreciated.
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nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
i would test those printers on another system; this will definitily say if the printers are ok, or not.
If the problems are coming from the system, it can go 2 ways, hard and soft. How are those printers connected? usb or parallel?  Anyhow, if you go to the printer section, and right click the printer, select properties and check the port settings, if they are ok.
I would suggest uninstalling all printer software and drivers, then delete the printers in the printer section, then also delete all the used port entries (usb and / or paralle) and reboot  and reinstall.
Other posssibilities :
if you use usb, try another port
use a pci to usb card
use a pci to parallel port card
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