How To create automatic print?


Please help me if u know how to answer this problem.

i'm going to make a print page for others file in php. i create others file name print.php, then in print.php, i try include files that i wanna print.

but i got a trouble when i use include("http://....."), couse, it seem that the session doesn't declared yet. so, if i try the print.php, we have to login again, then we can not print the page

if i just use include("....") theres not http, it can't be, it got error couse i try use multiple variable request.

i used session on login script. any others the way to make print page in php? or please solve my problem, thanks

function printPage() {
    if (window.print) {
        agree = confirm('Print Halaman Ini?');
        if (agree) window.print();

<body OnLoad=printPage()>



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_Marcel_Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hmmm... not quite clear what you are trying to do here. When including a file, you extend your current scope with it. So every variable that is declared at that moment is available in your included code; so kiri.php should be able to use $halaman, $aksi, $menu etc. So there would be no need to use the http:// for including that file. If you still need it for some other reason, you probably will need to pass the correct PHPSESSIONID to the kiri.php file. You can do this just like you did the other variables (use session_name() to get the name of your current session and session_id() to get the current session id)
PromethylConnect With a Mentor Commented:
<script language="JavaScript">
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