Hilltop Algorithm & Topic Distillation


while reading the krishna Bharat Research Paper on Hilltop Algo , i need your view on Hilltop Algo & Topic Distillation
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duzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
mcse20002000 -

Very simply put this is what the Hilltop algo does.

1. Takes a normal search and identifies a set of 'expert documents'.

2. Identifies relevant links within the selected set of 'expert documents' and follows them to the 'target' web pages.

3. The 'targets' are then ranked according to the number and relevance of 'expert documents' that point to them.

Compare this with the original PageRank algo which computes a query-independent authority score for every page on the web and uses this score to rank the result set i.e. every vote (link) counts.  

However the Hilltop algo considers only "expert" sources and is therefore query-dependent i.e. only votes (links) from 'expert documents' count.

Google has undoubtedly incorporated some element of the Hilltop algo into its overall ranking algorithm but to what extent and what weight is given to it no one knows, except the PhDs in the Googleplex.

- duz
mcse20002000Author Commented:
Only Hilltop Algo - Your Concept.

Topic Distillation not Required....:)
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