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Low profile video card?

Do low profile video cards exist? Preferrably dual monitor? PCI/PCI-X.
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very unlikely as a low profile card only has enough space for 1 dvi or 1 vga

to do double headed they would need to use some kind of proprietry connector and a dual headed lead

I think the onlyway to do double headed video with low profile just install 2 video cards
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risoyAuthor Commented:
I do not mind proprietary connectors as long as they are eventually converted to standard.

No special requirements. It will be running a SCADA app - normal 2D HMI.

Well, it has to work with the low profile PCI in HP ProLiant DL320.
I think and I don't have a machine to verify it on that you need the riser card which then allows a full size PCI Express video card to be installed. The hp site does not give enough data to tell for sure but their support could confirm the purpose of the riser
These guys have a table of (somewhat higher-end) dual-mon vidcards, many of which are low-pro.

There's also generally low-pro cards from every maker: nv, ati, matrox all have them.  However, many of them are low-profile for the card, but not the slot (very difficult to fit more than dual-VGA in low-pro).  Here's a few I've found, some of which aren't truly low-pro cards, so it depends on your slots...

high-pci, low-pro GeFX + Radeon:

low-pci, low-pro dual VGA GeFX and Ge4400:

low-pci, low-pro dual VGA Quadro NVS:

this GeFX dual-vga might fit low-pro without the bracket:

most every matrox card has a low profile option.  they are one of the best when it comes to multimon, as they can do a splitter off a DVI connector to give you dual-vga.  contact them direct for the specific SKUs (450, 550, parhelia/P650).  matrox also has the QID boards for financial use, low-height/profile, up to quad monitor, but costing $800.  Yeesh.  Get a LP 450/550/650 first!

This was a similar question, but targeted toward single video, low-heat:

risoyAuthor Commented:
Thanks everyone for your responses. Very helpful.

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