how to marked rows with color in datagrid using vb6

Hi, any ideas on how to mark a specific rows with color in datagrid using visual basic 6? Thanks.
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No. It cannot be done!

You can use the standard flexgrid control that ships with VB but this does not have the ability to enter data directly into cells, nor does it happily handle data-binding with ADO recordsets.

A better idea might be to buy a control which does it all such as the TrueDBGrid or VSFlexgrid from 
TimCotteeHead of Software ServicesCommented:
Hi kiho123,

The simple answer is "Use another grid"

Essentially you cannot, the datagrid is not capable of complex cell formatting! There are basically two types of grid that you get with the standarad VB package, the datagrid which has in-cell editing and other data binding features and the flexgrid which has complex cell formatting but not the in-cell editing and so on of the datagrid.

Your choice is which of these do you want? You can emulate some of the features of each with the other but it is never truly satisfactory or you can accept that the grid just doesn't do it and either find another way or forget it, or you can look for a fully featured grid control that has all the features you want. ComponentOne produce the truedbgrid and vsflexgrid controls which are in reality the controls that have been hamstrung to give you the default datagrid and flexgrid controls in vb but have many more features. There is also the Janus GridX product and many more out there at different prices from *FREE* to *Ludicrous*.

Personally I use the VSFlexgrid but that is partly a corporate choice.

Tim Cottee
kiho123Author Commented:
Thanks for the comment. Anyway i have no idea on how to use the Flexgrid or VSflexgrid currently. Is both of this grid free to use? Actually i need a grid in vb6 that have a capability to retrieve and show row of records which retrive from microsoft access database. Beside, system can auto marked or highlighted specific row with color inside the grid. If Flexgrid or VSflexgrid can do that, do you any example on it. Thanks

My recommandation: question answered by me (Dhaest)
First one to give the correct answer that his question is impossible.
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