Cisco 827 config help for Qwest DSL

I have a cisco 827 I need to cofnigure with Qwest DSL.  I know there is a way to edit a current configuartion and apply these changes to the 827 via telnet.  I would appreciate any help in how to do this, or config the modem to work with a block of static ip addresses from Qwest.

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Ok, is that mean you don't know password which you should enter when telnetting to the router ? Or you know the password but you want to change it ? In case if you don't know the password, you need a console connection to the router and then - follow steps form, type there in search "cisco 827 password recovery"
To access your router via telnet you should know its IP address. Also you can access it via console port, using Cisco console cable (usually comes with the router)
nwcc_seattleAuthor Commented:
I can telnet to it...  (via console & internal ip)

I just don't know the exact syntax to change the username, pwd or external ip address assigned to it.
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