XP file protection

is there any way to password protect individual files or folders in windows xp?
I dont want to buy any software for the same. Any other way is ok.
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Yes. Open the configuraion sreen, user accounts and tell windows to personalize your files. they can only be accesed by you.

If you really want a password try this one (freeware)

it decrypts your files with a password, so its double protection, since they also cant be read

Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Yes, if you use XP as it was intended.  XP Was intended to be a secure operating system.  But not "any way you use it".  If you want to password protect files, you must use NTFS and you must create individual user accounts.  Then you assign permissions to the files so that only your user account has access to them.  Now if you log off every time you leave the system, no one is going to have access to them.

(However, you also should be aware that if any other user has administrative rights, they COULD take ownership of the files and get around the security.  This is because an Administrator must be able to administer the computer).

The other solution is to Always zip your data (or use some other compression software) and add a password on the data.
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Rich RumbleSecurity SamuraiCommented:
EFS is built-in to win2k and after, so XP also has M$ EFS. It works well, but the data can be recovered, it's not easy but very possible todo. I'd actually recommend a 3rd party solution if possible. Zip is a good way to go, and the encryption is great on winzip.
i think just a simple encrypter will do. Ecrypt with password is not much safes, since there are a lot of ZIP password crackers around, and encrypting most times has a password of its own. The software i mentioned at least has.
michaelm702Author Commented:
I want list of freewares to do this. I want to lock all files in a folder with a password.
Rich RumbleSecurity SamuraiCommented:
To summarize, EFS is "seemless" encryption, and you will need a 3rd parties software to add such a password prompt. I can only recommend these:
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