How do I select "Use TLS 1.0" in IE advanced options (security) without user intervention?

I need to automate the following manual process to change this USER setting:
1.  Open Internet Explorer Browser
2.  Select Tools - Internet Options
3.  Select Advanced Tab
4.  Scroll down and check the box next to "Use TLS 1.0" under the security heading.

The preferred method would be via GPO, but I have been unable to find a corresponding setting.

Does anyone know if there is a registry key or script of somesort that can perform this change?

When I select the button "Restore Defaults" this box becomes unchecked.  Is there a way to change to defaults to include this selection?

Any help would be great.

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Have you read the following:
It says that TLS 1.0 cannot be enabled via GP.
You could use AutoIt, to record your inputs, then let play what got recorded:

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You could use a tool called regmon and monitor the registry, then manually make the change and view the regmon output to see what keys changed.  From there you should be able to make your regpokes via a logon script or policy.
MflanaryAuthor Commented:
The microsoft article mentioned above deals with terminal servers - this is for each individual account on a normal desktop.

I've used regmon in the past and the closest I got was the ability to check the box when I select the button "Restore Defaults".  This doen't help me though.  The setting does not default to selected.  The user would still have to open up Tools -Internet Options - Advanced and click that button.

Any other ideas?

MflanaryAuthor Commented:
Just to update, I did find the registry key.

HKEYCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings[SecureProtocols]

setting this DWORD value to hexadecimal 68 selects TLS & SSL settings in the IE browser setup.

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Using regmon you would have found that key when the user selected it.  Regmon  monitors all registry activity and logs it.  I feel my answer would have gotten you to your solution.
MflanaryAuthor Commented:
Actually, it was not that straight forward.  Using regmon the moment you select the checkbox regmon notes an HKLM registry path.  It is not until you select Apply that regmon would have caught it.  Incidentally, regmon catches 10's of thousands of registry hits at the moment and I did not take the time to comb through the results.
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