Terminal Server licensing

How to migratie a windows 2000 Terminal Service LICENSING server to a windows 2003 Terminal Service LICENSING server
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Install the TS licensing server on your W2k3 machine (preferably a DC), and activate it (and just in case: the W2k3 TS LS will correctly handle a Windows 2000 terminal server as well).
Uninstall it from the W2k machine (or set the service to Disabled).
As for your existing TS CALs, call the Microsoft Clearinghouse, tell them that you need to have your licenses reissued. They're used to that, it's the only way to move a TS LS to another machine ...
If your new LS is on a DC, you should be fine. If the LS is just a member server, you need to set the license server on the terminal servers manually; note that the setting differs between W2k and W2k3 TSs.

Establishing Preferred Windows 2000 Terminal Services License Server

How to override the license server discovery process in Windows Server 2003 Terminal Services
Are you upgrading the initial server, or are you MOVING the server to another server?
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