Problems accessing a website

One of my clients have phoned, they cannot access a particular website

It's (The council of mortgage lenders)

I tried no probs. But noticed that the URL translates into:

Is it trying to download a java applet?

I asked her to reduce the security (java set to low safety) and privacy settings in her IE, but no difference. She does have the Google toolbar which stops pop-ups, but I asked her to turn that toolbar off. Still no joy. All other websites apparently OK.

All ideas welcomed
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Well they are using cookies quite a bit, so see if she has cookies disabled.

Hi gerlis,

I've check the webby, it's ok. Maybe you can advice your client to reset the IE settings. Whats the ISP? Check the settings.

gerlisAuthor Commented:
gemchest: Well they seem to have no problems with any other websites.

COBOLdinosaur: Tx. I have asked them to change their IE to accept all cookies (Cobol was one of my first languages, too, back in 1974! I still have my original punched cards!!)
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I go back even further to '65 when we still did most stuff in assembler.

gerlisAuthor Commented:
Ouch! Now that *is* way back!  I did some IBM mainframe Assembler and hated it, I could never get to grips with "words" and "double-words" I think they were called?
You can use this to check if cookies is working correctly on the client PC.

gerlisAuthor Commented:
The results of her tests, were:

cookie's working
session cookie's not working

Would this affect her ability to actually access the site? If so, what does she need to change in IE and where?
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Perhaps this sheds some light .... excerpt and link for more...
Advanced Privacy Settings
You can override automatic cookie handling for all Web sites in the Internet zone by clicking Advanced on the Privacy tab. You can use the Advanced Privacy Settings dialog box to configure first-party and third-party cookies to Accept, Block, or Prompt, with a check box to always allow session cookies.

NOTE: Existing cookies on your computer can still be read by the Web sites that created them even if you specify to block cookies in the Advanced Privacy Settings dialog box.

For additional information, click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
298780 Any Existing Cookies Can Still Be Read by a Web Site Even When the 'Block' Option Is Selected
NOTE: Per-site privacy actions override Advanced Privacy Settings dialog box settings.;en-us;283185
Not being able to use cookies may pose an issue, the developer can insist you use them or deny you access, but I would have thought they would at least give you a nice little message to say that was the problem.

You mentioned the site uses a Java Applet, try this
Tools-->Internet Options, go to the advanced tab,
make sure the Use Java 2 for <applet> is ticked.

Does the user have all of the necessary Microsoft service packs and patches, there are a lot for IE6

These may help

This script will tell you if you have Java enabled
<script language=javascript type='text/javascript'>
if (!navigator.javaEnabled()) {
document.write("You dont have Java enabled"); }
else {document.write("you have java enabled"); }

Split Astaec, RedKelvin, and Cd& IMHO

gerlisAuthor Commented:
OK thanks, fine by me.
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