Manually Changing Legend Labels in MS Project 2003

Hello....I would like to manually change the labels in a Gantt chart that I have created. For instance, I may have the same shape that has multiple colors throughout the chart.  I would like the same shape in the legend to be displayed multiple times in the legend to reflect the different colors I have used.


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Right click in the Gantt chart and choose Bar Styles

In the box that pops up, find the bar style in the list and change the Name.

From this dialogue box you can create your own bar styles so that you can conditionally have the shapes displayed in different colors - each one requires a new line in the Bar Styles and each line can have it's own name which will be shown in the legend.

The changes will belong to the view in the project unless you save this to global.mpt or enterprise global - use tools organizer to move the views around
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