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Use functions from an assembly program

Hello I need to make some functions in assembly and then use them from a C program.

Please tell me first which C compiler/IDE to download.    Preferably not VC because it will take me TOOO MUCH TIME to download. and Please tell me an step by step  of what to do. If you have an assembler program example that would be great,
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Hi djhex,
Use gcc. It knows inline assembly and is quite powerful with it. Here's the manual page how to use the inline assembler:


GCC is easy to download with Cygwin:




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djhexAuthor Commented:
Give me an example. An assembly program and a c program that calls that asembler program.
Step by step please

I must USE MASM32 for the assembler.
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djhexAuthor Commented:
I cant use INLINE ASSEMBLER: THe homework is

Make some functions for example a sum of two numbers in assembler and call them from a  C program
djhexAuthor Commented:
If there is another IDE in which I can use C and assembler in ONe project without using 2 ides please tell me
If this was homework question, you should have told us upfront ... EE has separate rules for dealing with homework questions ...

You do not have to use 2 IDEs ... you can write the code using a simple text editor and compile from the command line ... IDEs are not all important for programming ...
djhexAuthor Commented:
1. Drop the caps ... Its considered shouting and is bad manners on forums
2. We try to distinguish homework questions from others and do deal with them differently ... That we are not able to point out each and every one of them does not make a justifiable ground for you to break the rules. As asker, honesty of purpose is your responsibility
djhexAuthor Commented:
I am still waiting the answer.
Make yourself comfortable ... its going to be a long wait here.
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